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Need help to properly identify cable

By kron123 ·
Think of a foot long cable with each end having a male 15 pin connector for, seemingly, video.
So both ends have a 15 pin connector but one end also has 3 RCA connections coming out of it as well. The 3 RCA connections are part of this cable, not added in or altered as you can see the factory look of it. Anyway, these 3 connectors, 2 definitely say left and right audio and the third says video right on it. The RCA connectors, after coming out of the molded 15 pin connector, run the length of the whole cable and are labeled left and right audio, and video. The RCA wire coverings are red, white, and yellow. So this whole thing was made for a specific purpose.
I hope this explains this a bit better. This unit was factory made, not spliced together by someone.
On one 15 pin connector it is imprinted "to video card". On the other end, where the 15 pin and also th 3 RCA wires are, it is imprinted with the word "signal". Also imprinted is the word "REVEAL" and this number:
10-023-007. Just under this last number is imprinted the words "R1" or possibly "RI".
Now i know its to do with audio\video and possibly editing, but i was hoping to get more info so i can piece together this set of cables with the correct software and even missing hardware as i may have it, just dont know.

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Look anything like this?

by Maevinn In reply to Need help to properly ide ...

At a guess, it's a monitor cable, for something a bit fancier than a standard monitor. Maybe one of the large, wall mounted flat screens?

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old stuff .!.

by dawgit In reply to Look anything like this?

there used to some older monitors, used mostly for grapfics works, that used this type of hook-up to the grafic card (video card) I don't see to many anymore, just a few in offices doing science stuff, or cad. (but I can be wrong, I haven'n out much- from Germany anyway, I've been grounded B-) )

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Still have some monitors

by jdclyde In reply to old stuff .!.

that have the connections to upgrade from the standard cable.

Yeah, mostly for CAD stations.

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Yeah, I have one of those too.

by apotheon In reply to Still have some monitors

It's a big ol' boat-anchor 19" CRT, probably weighs about sixty pounds. Damn thing's on its last legs.

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you are wrong on that

by kron123 In reply to Yeah, I have one of those ...

Sorry guys, you got it all wrong. If they were BNC connectors i would have said so. They are RCA connectors, so 3 RCA connectors and a 15 pin male dsub on one end and only a male 15 pin dsub on the other end.
I did find out, however, what its for. Its for video\sound editing. On one of the cables it says "REVEAL". I used google to find that REVEAL company made these cables and they were into graphics and video editing at the time. But they went out of bus in 1996. Therefore i can stop here as i dont need or want software to go with anything that old. I dont even do much video editing anyway.
The first time i tried googling i got nowhere but this time i found my answer, so sorry to trouble you people.
And thanks for all the help.

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actually . . .

by apotheon In reply to you are wrong on that

My boat-anchor monitor's connectors include RCA-type connectors, not BNC connectors. Worse, my monitor actually uses six RCA connectors, not three -- and it doesn't have any sound at all. That has to be handled separately.

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...wasn't me

by dawgit In reply to you are wrong on that

I didn't say anything about 'BNC'. in fact most were / are 'RCA'. There were some BNC plugs at one time, but that was 'the old days' (it seems hard to find BNC pluging much of anything now)

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The Audio RC Plugs are the give away

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to you are wrong on that

I would hazard a guess that this originates from one of those 12 inch Laser Disc Players or what where once commonly used in Karaoke Bars.

The Video Leads that have either BNC or RCA for RGB and Horizontal & Vertical Sync where used for the better CRT monitors up until a few years ago. Most of the ones that I used had BNC connectors but there where a few with RCA plugs.

If there where only 2 RCA Plugs I would guess that it was for a monitor with sound several of these where very common quite a few years ago but the 3 RCA plugs would have to plug into a sync box to supply audio and possibly either a remote or some means of stepping back system to allow the singer to repeat either words that they missed or skip to the next selected song.

Actually I wouldn't fancy your chances of getting any of the hardware let alone any Laser Disc's now days as they would be listed as the Hens Teeth type of thing.

Although as the RCA Plugs are a standard colour set Yellow Red & White the lead could come from one of those DVD players with a Sub D 15 Pin output socket on it. I haven't seen many of these and on every one that I have seen they had both the Sub D and RCA sockets, most used the RCA Sockets and the Sub D connector was only supplied for certain brand TV's and then only as an optional extra.


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thanks for the info

by kron123 In reply to The Audio RC Plugs are th ...

Somehow this thread of mine branched out. Im not all that familiar with how this works, i might have even done it myself, lol.
Anyway, someone did mention BNC connectors, but mo, the cable i have doesnt have any BNC, only the dsub at each end plus the 3 RCA at one end, coming out of the vinyl housing the dsub. Like this:

Anyway, i have to congratulate you people. I posted this issue at a few other places and none of them even came close to describing this unit. It wasnt a test, i simply posted it a few places to make sure i got results.

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However, on the boat-anchor 19 in monitor

by kron123 In reply to Need help to properly ide ...

I have a boat-anchor 21 or 22 in Compaq and i am keeping it til it dies. I dont see anything better out there! Just my opinion as i am sure some people like the looks of the lcd's better, but i dont see it, i like the one i have, lol.
Its the trinitron of course!

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