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need help w/ d-link router setup!!!

By dakid ·
I am having a **** of a time connecting a d-link router to add second computer to my dsl setup. Here's my setup:
2 pc's
dsl modem (2wire)
d-link router
Here's the thing, I setup router settings accordingly for dsl modem and everything worked out fine, both pc's had internet, then 1 hour later, nothing!!! So I've tried the settings again over and over and nothing. I have not messed with the cable modem settings, so don't know what could be the problem? I connected the modem w/o router to make sure modem is working which it is as well as the router.

thanks for anyone that can help

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by w2ktechman In reply to need help w/ d-link route ...

it may be that your isp had some downtime. Try resetting both the cable modem and the router.

If that does not solve it, try running IPconfig /renew and see if the system(s) needed to be refreshed.

If those are not it, I would suspect cable failure or HW failure. Any cats chewing on wires???

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to need help w/ d-link route ...

It could also have been a power spike that has occurred and scrambled the Router. Try disconnecting the power lead for about 30 seconds and try again and see if it's now working.

If this fixes the problem and it continues to happen you'll need to look at some kind of filtering on the mains line I would recommend a small UPS for this as they do a marvellous job and can save you hours of wasted time and effort not to mention stress when things no longer work properly.


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by dakid In reply to need help w/ d-link route ...

I've done a reset on router settings but didn't help and have rebooted all hardware (modem, router, pc) but still no go. The old setup which would be dsl modem by itself and internet works fine. It's when I add router to setup is when it doesn't work.
thanks for the help so far guys!

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by dakid In reply to need help w/ d-link route ...

what I was told is that I need to disable DHCP on the d-link router. Can anyone help me to do this?

Thanks for your time

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by rkuhn In reply to need help w/ d-link route ...

Is the 2Wire device truly just a modem or is it a combo unit that includes NAT, firewall, router, etc? What is the model # of the 2Wire and D-Link?

If it is a combo unit, you must turn it on into Bridging Mode if you want to use the D-Link unit.

Conversely, if the 2Wire is a combo unit, you could use it for the NAT, firewall, etc and just use the D-Link for wireless access...very simple.

Just assign the D-Link the same IP for internal and external connections and turn off the DHCP. Now it is a wireless AP instead of a router.

But we need more info such as model numbers to be of any help...

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by dakid In reply to

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by dakid In reply to need help w/ d-link route ...

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