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need help w/ dlink wireless router

By catek ·
completely lost here and was hoping i could get some help and/or info!

in my home i have a desktop and 2 laptops.

all internet connection was running smoothly then all of the sudden nothing works. i called tech support for my internet service provider and they got me up and running again on the desktop. but since my wireless router is dlink they could not help me set up wireless.

i reconnected everything like it was before and both the desktop and wireless do not work.

when i connect the modem to the wireless router in the LAN 1 socket, the wireless works but the desktop does not.

when i connect the modem to the desktop only, desktop works fine.

when i connect the modem to the router in the WAN socket and from the desktop to the router in the LAN 1 socket, nothing works.

so it seems my modem works fine.
the wireless router works (when i connect from the modem to LAN 1) but i can't get the two to work together.

any ideas on how to fix this or what the problem is?

appreciate any help/advice!!

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Firewall settings

by mafergus In reply to need help w/ dlink wirele ...

Sounds like it may be a firewall setting/config issue. Normally you connect from your modem to the wan side of the firewall then it connects to everything else from there. I would try to connect to the wireless and see if any of the settings have changed. I have seen where the Wireless device has been hardcoded and then the modem changes addresses. The other thing you may need to do is do a full factory reset on the d-link then reinstallit per the manual or CD if you have one. If not, go out to Dlink support and get the info from there.

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thanks, but...

by catek In reply to Firewall settings

thanks for your reply and help! really appreciate it. but that sounds very complicated to tech-challenged me. dlink will not help me because my router is now discontinued. they want me to pay $33 for 30 mins of tech support. would just getting a new router be better? if i can get a new one set up, it should work right? or will i have firewall/config issues (if that's my problem)?

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It would help if your stated your router's model number.

by Ron K. In reply to thanks, but...
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router model #

by catek In reply to It would help if your sta ...

it's a d-link DI-634M. thanks.

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You might not be able to get DLink phone support but...

by Ron K. In reply to router model # can download the product manual here: <br>
The reset button is clearly marked on page 7. The 'Getting Started' section begins on page 11. It all looks like plain language to me, a lot of acronyms but not bad. Work your way through it and you should be good to go. <br>

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thanks for the clarification

by mafergus In reply to You might not be able to ...

I was hoping they could find the model number on the site. It does seem like router may have the same non routable address for either the wireless or non-wireless side. But i would definitely start with a fresh config. It could also be that the desktop is hardcoded to an IP.

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by catek In reply to thanks for the clarificat ...

thank you very much for all your help and advice. i tried resetting and following the manual but it still didn't work and ended up getting a new one and all is fine now. thanks again for your time. greatly appreciated!

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have you recently

by .Martin. In reply to need help w/ dlink wirele ...

had any power surges, blackouts, ect.?

the router could have been damaged.

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by catek In reply to have you recently

not that i know of. we did feel the earthquake from mexicali yesterday. but i was not home at the time. if it is damaged from that, would it be best just to go get a new wireless router? thanks for your help!!

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It could have

by .Martin. In reply to earthquake

and getting a new router would be easier than fixing the old one.

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