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    Need help, Windows 98 cannot detect Serial Mouse


    by niggiebro ·

    I have seen this before under Win98. Serial Mice stop working. The system I am working on I’ve worked on before with the same problem. To resolve the issue before, I had installed a Serial Adapter Card which allowed Windows to recognize the Serial Mouse. Now I’m back to the same problem. I had research the issue using MS Knowledge Base, and performed what I could find, but I still get the error: “Windows did not detect a mouse attached to the Computer. You can safely attach a Serial Mouse now.”
    FYI, I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling all ports, Mouse drivers, and even editing the Registry. I’ve tried using different mice. I hoping that someone has encountered this same problem and has found the answer.
    Also note that CMOS settings are good.

    Thank you!

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