Need help with a dailup Intel Ham Modem

By hussain.batkhela ·
Hellp Dear,

I have a big problem, i have post it on many forums but no one help, i just hear that this website will help you, so i register today here.

I have an Intel 56k Ham Modem i want to install in on Ubuntu(8.04) but that modem required 2.4.x(upto 2.4.1 kernel and i have 2.6.x kernel, so how can i install that 2.4.x kernel without connecting to internet, coz i don't have internet.. so please any one know please help me..

To see my modem detail then please click on the below link:

Please i am really stuck... please help me please..

thanks in advance..

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I may be way off base here - but ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Need help with a dailup I ...

Aren't you getting confused between what the minimum requirement is AND what you currently have?

Have you tried to install the modem software onto the 2.6.x Kernel or did you just panic when the build # didn't match?

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Yes, i have tried

by hussain.batkhela In reply to I may be way off base her ...


I have tried it on 2.6.x kernel but i got this error:

running kernel 2.6.24-16-generic
unsupported kernel version.

My modem only support 2.4 kernel but i don't know how to install that 2.4.x(upto 2.4.1 kernel

Please help

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I can barely spell Ubuntu, but this may help you ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Yes, i have tried

It discusses methods of rolling-back within the kernel.

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trying this

by hussain.batkhela In reply to I can barely spell Ubuntu ...

I try this and works about 70%:

but i got some errors in the instllations:

I can't find that BzImage file here:
/usr/src/linux-2.4.17/arch/i386/boot/ bzImage

and also that, these two files are missing, please help me i am stuck....

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Please help

by hussain.batkhela In reply to I can barely spell Ubuntu ...

how can i install 2.4.17 kernel??

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