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    Need help with a dailup Intel Ham Modem


    by hussain.batkhela ·

    Hellp Dear,

    I have a big problem, i have post it on many forums but no one help, i just hear that this website will help you, so i register today here.

    I have an Intel 56k Ham Modem i want to install in on Ubuntu(8.04) but that modem required 2.4.x(upto 2.4.18) kernel and i have 2.6.x kernel, so how can i install that 2.4.x kernel without connecting to internet, coz i don’t have internet.. so please any one know please help me..

    To see my modem detail then please click on the below link:

    Please i am really stuck… please help me please.. 🙁

    thanks in advance..

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