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Need help with a gift idea..

By maecuff ·
I want to find something for my 10 year old son for Christmas. Something that has NOTHING to do with video games or electronics.

I've already gotten him a few things that he'll like..but I want to find something that will surprise him.

And it has to be between $50 - $80.

Found an electric scooter on sale (okay, it's sue me). but they were sold out by the time I got there. I'm not even sure that that's what I'm looking for. I dunno. I've been scouring catalogs, but nothing is blowing my skirt up. about it? Bring on the suggestions..

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Try this, the Max ride books by James Patterson

by road-dog In reply to Need help with a gift ide ...

I read the series even though they are technically kids books and enjoyed them thoroughly. They are a teen-age Sci-fi with enough action and some teenage smartassery to make them interesting.

I disagree with some of the environmental themes which are handled in a preachy way, but still a good read.

I'd recommend getting all 4 because if he likes the first, he'll chew up the rest before school starts again in January.

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by maecuff In reply to Try this, the Max ride bo ...

Thank you!

He's reading The Talisman by Stephen King and Peter Straub right now. He is a voracious reader, so this truly is a good suggestion.

James Patterson. The Alex Cross James Patterson?

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If he likes The Talisman

by NotSoChiGuy In reply to Awesome!

Maybe get him the 7 book set for 'The Dark Tower'...since they are directly related??

Or, for that matter, if he likes comics, maybe the Dark Tower Graphic Novelizations from Marvel.

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I already have those

by maecuff In reply to If he likes The Talisman

But I didn't think to suggest them to him. It took forever for me to convince him to read The Talisman. Now that he is, he loves it.

Dunno what it is about a kid that makes him think his mom doesn't know anything. :)

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On books

by Michael Jay In reply to I already have those

My 10 year old grandson loves this;
Site has sound, sorry road dog my speakers were off.

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by road-dog In reply to On books

before clicking the link if you're at work.

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No worries..

by maecuff In reply to TURN DOWN THE SOUND FIRST ...

I have my headphones plugged in. :)

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Thanks road-dog

by Michael Jay In reply to TURN DOWN THE SOUND FIRST ...

My speakers are off as the wife is napping.

Added a note for the next folks.

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He's a fan

by maecuff In reply to On books

of Buffy and Angel, so I'm sure he'd like these as well.

Man! I should have started this thread a week ago when I first started fretting about what to get him..

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Any other interests???

by NotSoChiGuy In reply to I already have those

Usually, knowing areas of interest will help greatly in determining a gift.

For $50-80, you could get a cheap punching bag or target mitts and bag gloves. Baseball mitt, bat and ball. Skateboard. Backboard to hang onto garage + ball. Introductory martial arts lessons.

I saw in a different post that he does own a guitar, but doesn't know how to play. Guitar lessons would be a good gift, assuming he would be receptive.

If you get a good sale, you could squeeze in an entry level telescope in that price range.

If he has an interest in comics, you could try hunting down some older comics (for instance, I have a young brother-in-law that was grossly misinformed as to the true origin of Spider-man's black symbiote suit...I ordered him up 'Secret Wars' and it went over very well) and/or collectible figures (my niece and daughter have taken to 'Birds of Prey', so Huntress and Black Canary figures are in route now).

You could also use the money to buy a bunch of penny stocks; to use it as a lesson on the current economy.

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