Need help with a sound card

By Michael34 ·
I have 2 sound cards in my PC, The first is a Creative SB X-Fi and the second is an onboard Realtek. My problem is the creative one is set to the default sound card and for the most part it works, However when I attempt to play some games (Such as Virtual Villagers, Plants VS Zombies, Roller Coaster Tycoon 1 and 2) the sound such as rain in roller coaster tycoon and zombies / plants shooting at things will only work for about 5 minutes then it just stops however the music continues.

When this happens, I will go in to the control panel on Windows XP then Sounds and Audio devices. When I try to play one of the default system sounds (Such as the one for a error in windows) It does nothing, It says it's playing but it isn't. The only way I can fix it is to reboot my PC, however my second sound card the realtek one works just fine.

All newer games I play (Such as Sins of a solar empire, World of Warcraft) my creative card will work with no issues, but some of the newer ones like Virtual Villagers 3 the sound card will only play the sounds (Such as the people talking and environmental sounds) for about 5 minutes.

I have reinstalled Windows XP several times (With SP3) and still it does this. I have upgraded the drivers but still it continues to do this so I am at a total loss. I run K-Lite Codec Pack but it says under "Fix broken sound (Midi, WaveOut) (No problems detected) so I am not sure what it is. It just seams to me maybe those games use WaveOut and wave files for sounds which seams to be causing my sound card to stop working correctly.

So does anyone know why my creative card will stop playing sounds in some games yet others it is fine?

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have you tried

by Sue T In reply to Need help with a sound ca ...

disabling the onboard sound card.

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creative sound card installation instructions . . .

by Who Am I Really In reply to Need help with a sound ca ...

First, disable and uninstall any previously installed audio device

Integrated / onboard
- uninstall from windows device manager
- reboot and disable in BIOS
- shut down and install Creative card
- start system, install Creative card drivers

ISA / PCI / PCI-e expansion devices
- uninstall from windows device manager,
- shut down and remove the card
- install the Creative card
- start system, install Creative card drivers

After the Creative card is installed and functional,
if desired, you can "Sometimes" re-enable the integrated sound and install the drivers
or install the previous expansion card and drivers

there's no guarantee / promise etc. that the two will co-exist on the system


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