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Need help with Access 2002 Report from a query and using a function

By nziese ·
I am running Access 2002 and I have created a report from a query. I need to calculate workdays in a text boxe in the Job_No footer. I am summing some numbers in the footer and the details are per Job_No. I need to calculate the workdays between two dates that are in the Job_No header. I have written a VB function to do this. How do I then use the function in the report to generate the number?

I have tried using the following for the control source the the text box named WORKDAYS.

=Business_Days_Between_Dates (START_DATE,STATUS_DATE)

START_DATE AND STATUS_DATE ARE TEXT BOXES IN Job_No header and are bound to data from the query.

This is my function

Public Function Business_Days_Between_Dates(ByVal start_date As Date, ByVal end_date As Date) As Integer
Dim counter As Integer
Dim total As Integer
Dim starting_date As Date
Dim ending_date As Date
Dim working_date As Date
Dim daynum As Integer

counter = 1
total = 0
If Not start_date Is Null And Not end_date Is Null Then
ending_date = CDate(end_date)
starting_date = CDate(start_date)
If starting_date = ending_date Then
total = 0
working_date = ending_date - 1
Do While working_date <> starting_date
daynum = Weekday(working_date)
If daynum > 1 And daynum < 7 Then
counter = counter + 1
End If
working_date = working_date - 1
total = counter
End If
total = -1
End If

Business_Days_Between_Dates = total
End Function

This is saved as a module. When I run the report I am prompted for a parameter value for Buseness_Days_Between_Dates. Anyone able to help?

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Why not use a query instead ?

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Need help with Access 200 ...

Create table called days
and fill it with some script for a suitable range

Date Type
1/1/2009 W
2/1/2009 H
3/1/2009 D

so d is a working day, w is a weekend and H is Holiday (glaring omission in your function)

Then something like

Selet Job_ID, Start_Date,End_Date, Count(Day_Type) From Jobs,Days
Where Days.Date >= Start_Date and Days.Date <= End_Date
Group By Job_ID,Start_Date,End_Date

Aside from being way quicker, you can have holdiays, you could beef it up with years, Quarter, Period, Month, WeekNumber.

You can go the other way and work out a date 30 day working days in advance etc.

And it you end up switching fromaccess to say another database, it will be much easier, and much much faster.

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