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Need help with career change please

By markbagus ·
Am thinking of changing careers and need some advice on which direction to go in.


I am currently a Finance & IT Director for a manufacturing engineering company in the UK employing about 35 staff.

As well as looking after the finances, I maintain a 13-computer Windows 2000 network (as well as doing DTP for adverts/flyers etc, and maintaing the website). Initially I set up the network with some help ref Windows 2000.

Over the years I have had plenty of experience fixing problems - both software and hardware - keeping it working.

The main problem I have is that I am self-taught (having been brought up with computers from the Spectrum/VIC 20 days) and have no formal qualification in IT at all. All my formal qualifications are in business/finance (I have a degree in Business administration).

I like fiddling with computers and want to change careers into that field (and maybe move to another country as well) - however, which is the best course to specialise in?

I have been told by a friend in the industry (doing VOIP) the Cisco CCNA/DA is a good starting point as there is a shortage around the world - and also it does not take forever to get the qualification (I do have a family so home study is very hard to find time for - so I'll have to go for an intensive course.)

But before I make a final decision I would really appreciate your advice on where the opportunities are and where I should be heading.


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by NZ_Justice In reply to Need help with career cha ...

Heaps of opportunities in New Zealand, your current qualifications will should get you an IT job (it's up to you rather than your qualifications) in NZ, There is a very big market good and bad opportunities available. You could get an IT job here and receive on the job training. Government IT jobs are available and Commercial prospects are good too. Wellington is your best bet.

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by vtdinh2005 In reply to Need help with career cha ...

If you like fixing hardware and software, MCSE will be the good course. CCNA/CCNP will be next step. You should get the BS of computer as well.

But working with computer will not good for earning money and good life. You will not be able to compete with people who have been working a long time with computer.

As my point of view, I think you should not change your career. I've been working with computer more than 15 years. I am managing a 3 site-network with more than 250 computer but I want to be move to Finance Manager position ( I have a degree in Accounting).

Working with computers I am just a service man. If I do a good service, nobody cares. But when I got a mistake, people can complain about you. My decisions will not "earn" money for your company.

If your are finance manmager/director, your decisions will be more important. That will help you to have a good benefit.

Maintain a 13-computer network is very simple, but if you are IT manager, you must care not less than 50 computer and a lot of boring job.

Please consider before moving to IT field that I am ready to leave now.


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