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Need help with changing product key

By bandit0014 ·
Hi peoples i,m running windows xp pro 2002 with sp2 we not long moved house & afetr unpacking i found that my original cd for xp pro is gone i connected up to the internet to get my updates & i was asked to down load a program to check if my windows is legit & it came back saying it was an illegal copy of windows i rang microsoft & was told because i coud not supply the cd to them i had to either buy a new product key or a new copy of xp i have may to much on the system to uninstall as it is running smoothly so wat can i do is there a free program that will change the product key with out doing a new install & i,m having trouble trying to find a key so please help me

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by Mr.Wiz In reply to Need help with changing p ...

You can use a program called Keyfinder to view and/or change the product key for Windows XP (

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Need help with changing p ...

Key Finder as listed above will pickup the Windows XP and Office XP Product Keys but not Office 2003.

If you buy another License from MS you'll need Key Finder to change the Key but there are a few potential problems first. If you have XP Pro already installed you can not buy a License for XP Home and change the product key. You need to keep the same version of XP to change Product Keys so if you whee previously using XP Pro with a Volume License that is the License that you'll need to buy, or if you had Media Centre that is what Key Finder will pickup and be able to change you can not use a different Product Key from a Different Version of XP but you can use any product key for your version of XP to change to.

Really it would be a much better idea if you could find the original Install CD as MS require you to read the numbers off the inner ring and they will issue you a new product key. Also if your HDD ever fails as things currently stand you'll be unable to reinstall the Programs and OS without considerable expense if you wish to keep using MS products. I would seriously be considering backing up all your Current Data NOW as there is some talk of MS crippling non compliant Products with their WGA product some time in the not so distant future.

So it's really worthwhile finding that bunch of CD's as you will defiantly need them if that where to happen and it's a lot easier to fix now than after the event so I would go digging around now until I find them.


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by tech_halo In reply to Need help with changing p ...

below link has the solution to your problem

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by bandit0014 In reply to Need help with changing p ...

Thank you for all your help guys the problem is fixed the removalist truck found the lost boxes & in turn found all my cds including the xp cd

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by mat_amuse In reply to Need help with changing p ...

I get the same problem. How did you solved yours?
(Need help with changing product key)

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