need help with check boxes on access 2003

By bhavan_p ·
hi i'm a complete access 2003 novice, i'm working off a pre made contacts database template from microsoft and hashing together a re design. the problem i'm having is with several check boxes that i have added. basically, when i enter data and check the boxes in form view, the boxes stay checked or unchecked on all contacts not just the one i'm working on. can anyone help me set the results of the check boxes so that i can check different boxes for different contacts.
thanks in advance

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This might be of help.

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thank you but...

by bhavan_p In reply to This might be of help.

thanks a lot for the reply Peconet, small problem however, i don't have a single clue about access at all, and i know it sounds silly that i'm still attempting to make a database but somehow i've managed through a lot of trial and error to hash together something that vaguely resembles something i could use, except the check boxes. when i select a check box in form view, that check box stays selected in all new entries. i apologise for the lack of knowledge and stupdity on my part but if you could possibly break it down as simply as possible i would very very highly appreciate it. thanky you once again.

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thanks for your help

by bhavan_p In reply to This might be of help.

thanks for your suggestion Peconet, but through a bit more hashing and playing around i realised that all i needed to do was to create yes/no fields which i didn't do in the first place... thanks a lot anyways though. much appreciated for your help

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