Need help with chipset for Intel i915PM/GM

By system error ·
Hello fellow techies! I been trying to troubleshoot a client's laptop and trying to find the drivers for it. It's a custom laptop, older model and the specs for this are:

Motherboard: Quanta MW1/HW1
Chipset: Intel i915/PM/GM aka alviso
Southbridge: 82801FBM

My question is, I been looking all over the place for this chipset. I cannot find it for the best of me. I looked through Intel, HP, even Packard Bell which claimed to have it but don't. Anyone know about this particular chipset and where I may find it? Help is much appreciated!

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Thanks, but....

by system error In reply to i915p chipset drivers

Ive already tried those. There's a specific one i'm looking for and it's the i915PM. Those are G series.

This is a peculiar chipset because it was first introduced on the Intel M Technology, which was suppose to be the P4 successor, instead it was dual and quad core. Basically, this chipset was like some type of beta chipset.

I've looked all over and can't seem to find this.

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Try this Intel website out for your chipset problem...

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Thanks, but....
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Heres a few sites,

by markp24 In reply to Need help with chipset fo ...


I would agree with olbaratone, but since you state thats not the one,
i found these site you can try. (I cant vouch for them)

i hope those help.

let me know

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Deadlink and...

by system error In reply to Heres a few sites,

the other link is a software called driverupdater.exe which I just scanned as a worm.

Thanks for the help though. Anyone?

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oh man thats embassing

by markp24 In reply to Deadlink and...

Sorry about that, I didnt use the links myself. Ill keep looking though. Its definitly a tough one to find.

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Not a problem, I thank you anyways

by system error In reply to oh man thats embassing

It is a hard find. I'm actually emailing Intel right now about it. From what I know so far after doing some research, they may have discontinued that particular chipset due to the many bugs and glitches. Also it's basically obsolete when it comes to M Technology.

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