Need help with Chrome and adobeflashplayer

By landisman3008 ·
I have a chromebook and I used to be able to use Adobeflashplayer which I used for games and youtube videos when they were posted on other sites. When Adobe became obsolete in late 2020, I couldn't use it anymore, and I'm having a pain since chromebook means you need to search and use the right apps in the appstore. Windows lets you use programs but Chrome is a PAIN to use.

Need help. Wished I had windows on my laptop but its all I have.

I'm not an IT expert which should be obvious.
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Re: flash

by Kees_B Moderator In reply to Need help with Chrome and ...

Flash player in a browser is dead. In an update this month Microsoft removed it from Windows 10. So, unless you had saved some old version, it wouldn't work on your laptop either.

However, Adobe has a stand alone viewer, that should work for Flash files you have downloaded to your PC. It's here:

And, alas, it's only for Windows, Linux and Mac. But you can install a beta version of Linux in Chrome, and then try if that stand alone viewer works on it. However, I'm afraid that's not something for newbies. It would be much easier, although more expensive, to buy a second hand Windows laptop for your experiments with the standalone Flash program.

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I wonder if?

by itsdigger In reply to Re: flash

Does it matter on Chrome OS what version of Chrome browser is running? Would an update help?

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If the goal is to run old Flash apps.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to I wonder if?

Updating will only make it worse.

For this member, they need to work very hard as noted at https://wiki.debian.org/FlashPlayer . I'd forget about a Chromebook for this one.

But hey, that link does note RUFFLE. Might be worth a shot but then again it's going to stress everyday users.

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Hmmm, Linux strikes again...

by itsdigger In reply to If the goal is to run old ...

I remember you guy's teaching me that we have to come up with work arounds as Linux likes to play boggle with your head.
I'm thinkin' throw some other distro in a VB or VM ?

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Re: virtual machine

by Kees_B Moderator In reply to Hmmm, Linux strikes again ...

I'm afraid the Chrome OS won't let you install a VM. If the only hardware he has runs Chrome or Android or iOS, he can't run Flash games.

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Pulled out my Chromebook and installed the Ruffle based addin.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Re: virtual machine

1. Installed https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/flashplayer-swf-to-html/nodnmpgjlnclahkmgjiinfjklgbbgecg?hl=en

2. Tried a few Flash games. Not perfect but some work.

Remember this is arcane stuff. No one will support your efforts but hey, for me many SWF files ran.

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by landisman3008 In reply to Pulled out my Chromebook ...

I tried the link and I think some of it works. Do you know why they cancelled adobe/flash?

My only guess is it became too old after 20 years.

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Why adobe/flash is no more.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to help

That is all over the web. Did you need more?

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by landisman3008 In reply to Re: flash

So what youre saying is that my chromebook laptop can't do it?

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Look up.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to re:help

I pulled out my Chromebook (I don't call these laptops) and installed the noted item and ran a few flash swf titles from the web.

I wrote I did this. Also that I consider this too hard for many, not that the laptop can't do it.

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