Need help with complete recovery of Emachine T4160

By madmaddysmom ·
Help?!! I am trying to do a complete recovery on an old puter, so as to give it to someone that might need it. I used the 2 recovery discs that came with the puter when I bought it. All went well til I put in the 2nd cd... it went to probably 90% complete, says "Can not open GHOSTERR.TXT" with a box saying OK, click on that 2nd error msg. "Application error 437 can not read from file" Weird thing about it all is, a quick screen comes up with Abort 437, and windows recovery complete. Just as you think..well maybe it worked... it shoots out the disc, and there is the black screen with the blinking cursor:-( Also says windows millenium in there somewhere, but I bought it with xp
Please help.. thanks

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Try cleaning the disk or use an OEM disk

by gregrocker In reply to Need help with complete r ...

Use a soft damp rag (wet if its really dirty)and use crossways motions, dry with soft rag and try the disk again. If you see visible scratches and it still won't work, some folks swear a little Pledge will fill the cracks enough to run it.

Call eMachines and see what they want for sending you new disks.

The licensed operating system will have a sticker on the box. You are entitled to install that version O.S. from an OEM (not retail) disk of the same version so you can borrow one to use. You can then download the drivers from the eMachine product support page here, which also has the Intel chipset downloadable from Intel website:

Put in Sun Micro's free Word Processor, Adobe reader/Flashplayer andJava runtime and you have cobbled it back together without the recov disks which are full of bloatware anyway.

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A couple of things to try

by Jacky Howe In reply to Need help with complete r ...

Give your CD a clean. I normally use a CD Cleaning Kit but it can be achieved using a soft lint free cloth. By inserting one finger in the spindal hole and another on the edge, gently move the cloth radially outwards from the middle.

It comes with a spray bottle and a little contraption to put the CD/DVD into. Spray the CD/DVD lightly and place it in the enclosure and turn the handle. As you turn the handle it moves against a non abrasive cloth. It should be available in most Music stores.

Get yourself a CD drive cleaning kit for tray-based CD players or for caddy and auto feed drives, make sure that you get the right one as they are different.

Try another CD/DVD optical drive if you have one handy.

The worst case scenario is that the CD is actually faulty and can't be read from. I don't know if you would be able to get a replacement set.

Here is a link to a Symantec article that discussess the problem.

<a href=" " target="_blank"><u>Ghost Error Application error 437</u></a>

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