Need Help with computer issue

By jacjrc2 ·
Built a computer from Frys components used old HDD now will not get past the waiting to login logo and smell ozone. When installing the drivers from the CD of MB it took along time to load 30 minutes for 3 mb. The systems is a Gigabyte GA-MA69GM-S2H Socket AM2 Motherboard/AMD AM2 CPU/Nvidia 8600GT video card/2 Gigs DDR2 memory/Smiledon Tower with 500 watt power supply. The HDD is old Western Digital 120 Gig IDE and 60 gig. the OS is on the 120 gig HDD. Why is it locking up and make a large bad smell of burning electronics????

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CPU Fan, MB Mounting

by TheChas In reply to Need Help with computer i ...

I would start by checking the cooling fans for the CPU and power supply.

Next. make sure that none of the support posts in the case can short out to parts of the motherboard.

Any wires under the motherboard?
Make sure they did not get pinched.

If you cannot get past the loading Windows, how did you install drivers?

Windows XP does not like being moved to different hardware. And is known to lock up when it attempts to load drivers for hardware that is not there.

If you disable the boot drive, does the system still smell?

If not, then some driver being loaded is totally not compatible with your new system.

It might be time to install Windows from scratch.

One final thought, make sure that all of the connectors from the power supply are wired properly and supplying the correct voltage to the drives.

I have a brand new power supply that has a bad crimp to a wire in one of the connectors. This prevents all drives connected to that branch of the cable from getting power.


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Well you have 2 issues here and the burning smell is the worst as there is

by OH Smeg In reply to Need Help with computer i ...

Something destroying the Hardware going on here. You need to find this first and stop it continuing and then hope that the Damage isn't terminal.

Not only do all of the above in The Chas post but also make sure that you have connected all the required Power Leads to the M'Board and the Video Card is it needs these added. The Current Generation Gigabyte M'Boards require 2 Power Connectors to be plugged in and many Video Cards require a Power Socket to be plugged into them as well to prevent the Video Card pulling too much power from the Socket destroying the M'Board.

As for using a Old pair of HDD with a OS installed on them you need to follow the M$ Directions on Changing the M'Board here that is the easy bit but is also the last bit that need attention here

As well as all of Chas's suggestions also check the Front Panel Connections. Things like Sound Ports or USB Sockets if incorrectly wired up will cause this to happen and if left untreated will destroy things very quickly. If the USB Leads to the Front Panel or the Sound Leads have started to melt replace them or disconnect them as they will short out and destroy the M'Board.


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