need help with disk

By michale fb ·
i have a cd rom which is a dvd+r and i have images on there it shows that space has been used but shows that the cd is empty how can i recover the images off there successfully thanks

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I don't quite follow you ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to need help with disk

How can the system show that this optical disc has used space YET also show that the disc is empty? What are you using to check this?

Where was the disc originally burned?

Could you please stop referring to a DVD disc as a CD - it is very confusing.

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Here it depends on what was used to Burn this Disc

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to need help with disk

Ideally you should return the Blank Disc to the original computer that was used to burn it and select to read the Disc with the installed Burning software. If the Disc was burnt in Multi Session you may be able to read previous sessions through the software used to burn it.

Of course if the issue is with the actual DVD Blank and it has somehow been damaged either physically or through improper storage then there is very little likelihood that you will be able to read this Disc.


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