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i have had my computer windows XP for nearly three years now and most of that time i have not been able to play cd's or dvd's in DVD DRIVE (D:). when i put the disc in it just makes a loading noise but nothing comes up. when i try to click on dvd drive it says please enter disc when theres already one in there. I have tried troubleshooting but cannot find any help on how to get it working again. do you know what could be wrong or how to fix the problem? i have to watch or play discs in the dvd drive (E:) but that wont play no sound of dvd's no more. please could you help.

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The drive sounds as if it's faulty

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to NEED HELP WITH DVD DRIVE ...

Unless you have fitted another Optical Drive on that channel and not set the jumpers correctly.

Actually if everything is working properly and you are seeing both drives in My Computer it sounds as if both drives are going faulty as you do not need analog Sound Leads from the Optical Drives to the M'Board/Sound Card as this is all Digital now so if you are no longer getting any sound I would be looking at a faulty Optical Drive and replacing them with new ones.


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Check connections

by Timbrewolf In reply to The drive sounds as if it ...

You likely want to double check all the connections, especially if it's been an ongoing problem. If they're EIDE you'll need to make sure they are set to Master or Slave if you have multiple drives in your system chaining off one another.

It sounds like there's some sort of hardware conflict between the drives and it could be a connection issue, or possibly an IRQ issue. Do they both show up as okay in Device Manager?

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Device Manager?

by sallie_999 In reply to Check connections

what and where is the device manager?... if i click on my computer it has the drives there and local discs and that and when i put a film in (E:) it shows whats playing there but when i try with D absolutly nothing...the computer starts to freeze and it just wont load...i double click it and it says insert disc....thats all i know....i read in a book that came with the computer to put in a drivers and utility disc and it will find the porblem and it came up with a problem i clicked restore but it just came up with unable to restore due to fault or something along the line...what is EIDE and IRQ because i found something the other day SCE i think it was but but i have tried so many different things i cannot remember what for i found it for now.

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Open the Control Panel then switch to classic view

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Device Manager?

Then click on administrative Tools then Computer Management and you'll get the Device Manager to appear.

What you need to look at is listed under Device Manager and if there is a problem there, there should be a yellow circle with a black ! mark through it. Right Click on this and chose the Update Driver and that should cure your problem if you have a driver issue not being loaded or something similar.

You can also manually change settings like IRQ and DMA to clear conflicts that are occurring. By Right Clicking on the problem device and chose Proprieties then Resources you can untick the Use Automatic Settings and change the available settings if you have a conflict.


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mo plug

by kirk227 In reply to NEED HELP WITH DVD DRIVE ...

If I hadn't done it I wouldn't think it could happen but when I put a new optical drive in the wires were slightly shorter, hence I was accidentally unplugging the drive from the MB. It will still run if the power wire is hooked up, it just won't trade info with the MB. Hope that's it.

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