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    Need help with firewall routes


    by psiber3000 ·

    I inherited a network that has two different firewalls connected to the same two ISPs. The first one is an old Peplink that needs to be gotten rid of but is currently the gateway for 95% of the company. The second is a SonicWALL that will be the new one. Both are active and can access the internet.

    The problem I have is we are setting up a new phone system and are using the Peplink as the gateway however I would like to have access to the phone system come in through the Sonicwall as the Peplink won’t allow connections for the phone’s softphone software.

    The entire network is one flat subnet with the Peplink being something like and the Sonicwall being Is there a way to route traffic from the external IP to go through the Sonicwall to the phone system?

    Any help is appreciated. I am not a firewall expert but do have some experience with the Sonicwalls

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