Need Help with HELPER (therapist helper strikes again)

By sccogs ·
I found this site when I googled 'helper transfer utility'. We had a virus corrupt the program, 7.0.0 for which we have had updates. Now HELPER tells us they no longer support that version. So our date is unavailable to us unless we find some way to get a "helper transfer utility" program.

We are a small non-profit. . . no it support. Please help.

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ooh wrong forum so Therapist Helper doesn't have an archive?

by CG IT In reply to Need Help with HELPER (t ...

and you don't have the media with the application?

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no help from helper

by sccogs In reply to ooh wrong forum so Thera ...

Therapist Helper says our version is too old... they 'don't suppport it' any more. Real problem, our maintinance contract (which we rarely use) expired so they want to sell us a new one for $779.00
As a small non profit we have no it staff, no idea what to do. I'm hoping for any kind of direction.
We have our data base, but its in a newer version (I think we downloaded it) that got corrupted.
Please direct me to the correct forum. . .

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not enough information

by CG IT In reply to no help from helper

if you purchased the software, how was it delivered? CD? do you have the CD?

What type of database? Access, MYSQL, SQL, Oracle?

is there a backup of it? how old is the backup?

If you have non of the above, this is a tough lesson about backing up and saving data as well as making sure you have the media and licensing keys for the software you use.

In the end, you may end up having to spend the money for the newer program.

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Does the company in question

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to no help from helper

still deal in that software program? If so, what is the cost to upgrade to the most recent version?

I have a similar problem. I need either a 'better' program, or an upgrade to our current package.

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Transfer Unitliy? Roll it back to your licensed version.

by XCTech In reply to Need Help with HELPER (t ...

You shouldn't need the transfer utility if you don't plan on buying in on their update program (currently 7.6.3)

If your virus corrupted the C:/program files/helper applications then you'll need to reinstall the version you have.

If the virus only corrupted your data run the free standing restore application that came with your version.

Other than that it's a TH Pay to Play. They do offer support services without the contract if you need to repair your old versions data and don't plan on upgrading. They might quote about $350 to rebuild your database from a good backup.

Ask them if they would include the missing disk you should have.
Also, if you purchased the software they will have you on file. If it was given to you I'd suggest getting the company to transfer ownership at TH.

If you need more post in the TH forum and I'll try to help. I've worked with this since 7.3.x and know all the headaches, data losses, damaged backups, corrupted and todays newest from TH Techs, Static took out 2 months of data. (Must have been a surgical static attack).
Good Luck.

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version mismatch

by suscoh In reply to Need Help with HELPER (t ...

We are experiencing the same type of issue and getting the same error message.
We have v7.6 on disc and were updated online to 7.6.3, but never did receive the hard copy we were promised. Now our service contract is expired and our computer went down. I've installed 7.6 on the new machine and was thinking our data *should* work since it was such a minor upgrade to 7.6.3. The Helper rep said it should work, but when I told her the name of the error message, she said they won't help me unless we pay up a whole year's support contract.
We've been thinking to change PM software already, so this is definitely the wrong time for this to be happening.
The tantalizing part is where she said it should work. Does this mean there's a back door? Wish I could find it!

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