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NEED HELP with internet connection and windows xp pro

By bennettchic ·
I just installed a new hard drive into this computer.
I added xp pro and my drivers. Now, I need step by step instructions how to connect to the internet through my wireless cable router.
I can connect with ethernet chord but can't figure out the rest.
please help

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Well you'll need to make sure that your WiFi Hardware is working

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to NEED HELP with internet c ...

And all of the drivers are correctly installed.

Then you'll need to tell us what type of WiFi Access device you have and what Security is in place as the steps are different on each unit and they also differ between the different Security protocols being used.

Of course if there is no Security and you have everything correctly installed all you need do is open the Network Setup Wizard from either the Control Panel or the Start-All Programs-Accessories-Communications-New Connection Wizard and run it telling it that you want to connect through your Wireless Network Card.


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wireless connection

by Triathlete1981 In reply to NEED HELP with internet c ...

are there drivers installed for the wireless card? if there are than just go to network connections, right-click wireless network connection and choose view available wireless networks. you'll see the wireless networks within range. choose the one you want, click connect and if necessary enter the network key. i don't use the new connection wizard. as long as the card is recognized by the OS (from the driver), you just need the steps above to connect.

you can connect the ethernet cord but want wireless? is that what you want?

the step by step instructions are only good if you provide the type of router you're tlaking about and the router should have come with a CD or manual on how to set it up. your best bet is to consult that documentation.

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not sure about the drivers and such...

by bennettchic In reply to wireless connection

I have had the router/modem for 2 years and i connected the modem to the comouter with a cable but not wireless. on the driver cd i just went through each one and unzipped them one by one.
i am not sure what the driver is called for the wireless network. i have tried to go to the network connections and set-up the wireless info and it is not there. the computer used to pick up the wireless connection before all of this so not sure.
thanks for your help. please let me know how to find the drivers and such that is related to the wireless connection.

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OK go here and get a copy of Net Stumbler

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to not sure about the driver ...


Install this and see if your computer actually has a WiFi Device installed or can see an existing Wireless Connection. If this works then all you should need do is Open the Network Connection Wizard and setup the Wireless network

As for the Drivers they will be on the CD that came with the WiFi Adapter in the computer not the WiFi Device. All that is required with the Modem/Router/Wireless Access Point once it's setup is to enter the Security Code whether that is for SSID, WPA, WPA2 or any of the other Encryption Technologies that are used by the different WiFi Device makers at the computer. They need to be the same as what the Wireless Device has setup.

Some have what they call a PassPhrase others require a Password or SSID Code. Depending on who made the Router here things vary dramatically but if it is working OK all you should need to worry about is at the computer end where you have to enter the required Codes to allow the connection.

If you can not get Net Stumbler to detect any Wireless Networks the most likely cause is because the Wireless Driver is not installed in the computer. This is expected with all Desktops as they don't usually have Wireless so you need to install the WiFi Driver after you install Windows. If this is a Note Book and you have a System Makers Recovery Disc the Wireless Driver & Associated Software should be installed provided you used the correct Recovery Disc for this computer. If you didn't you'll need to log onto the Makers Web Site through the wired connection and download the Wireless Driver for your Model Computer and OS that you are using.

OH make sure that you disconnect the Wired Network Cable before you attempt to setup the Wireless Connection. Windows doesn't work with both and you can not set up one while the other is working.


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drivers and what not

by Triathlete1981 In reply to not sure about the driver ...

since you said you put in a new hard drive, i assumed you meant you replaced the hard drive that had the OS on it, not an extra hard drive for storage space. the new hard drive won't by default have the driver for the wireless nic on your computer already (at least it probably won't). You need to find out what type of wireless NIC is in the computer and find an XP pro driver for it and install it.

Go to Device Mgr (right-click My Computer, Properties, Hardware, Device Manager.) Under Network Adapters, if there's nothing that says WAN or wireless or 802.11 something than your hard drive is not seeing the wireless NIC and you need to install the driver. Ignore the modem for a second; this is aside from the modem. It's not a driver for the wireless network - it's a driver for the wireless NIC which it sounds like you need. After you find out what type of wireless NIC you have, you need to download the driver from the manufacturer's site. Another option is that it might be with any CDs the computer's manufacturer sent you when you bought the computer.

In network connections, is there an icon for Wireless Network Connection? Is there an icon for Local Area Connection?

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The 1st thing I suggest is to avoid multiple explanations.

by ATTABOYSLIM In reply to NEED HELP with internet c ...

Making sure that all necessary drivers are installed properly is obviously the first step. To properly configure tour system as is required by your ISP is difficult without a few more details. Most ISP's have 24 hour support technicians that are supposed to fully understand what problems you are having and if not then you simply ask for an upper level tech to walk you through the issue. There shouldn't be a charge but I cannot say for sure on your providers policy. Spend as much time with them as is needed. That's what they are paid to do and you pay them for this service.

By allowing your ISP to personally guide you through the situation, you'll avoid a lot of possible wasted time. Out of curiosity, is Wireless an only option ? I'm asking because you may have less problem by connecting through a wired inter face in the beginning and that will open many additional doors for troubleshooting. There are countless variables that will depend on the manufacturer of your Router and your ISP. Were you to inquire about Windows XP Pro, a 2Wire Router and connection to an ATT provider, I'd be able to offer more but for now, this is the best I can do. Good Luck.

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