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Need help with LAN Scenario

By peterm_stargazer ·
I'm working on a project at my school, and i need some expert advise from you guys :)

My project is to come up with a working Network design for a fictional company.

Here is the scenario:

Company Inc. is located in Stockholm, they are expanding and are therefore planning to open up a branch office in Berlin, about 1500 km from Stockholm. The branch office will be located on the 19th floor in a office building. The floor consists of 25 rooms. The reception is located at the ground floor at a distance of 120 m.

The company may need to hire more people in the future. This will be solved by letting the workers share rooms two and two. The reception will be staffed by two people.

The branch office will basically be marketing and selling the companys product's (Rubber Ducks) :rolleyes:

The primary job of the Network will be to give access to two resources... one product database, and one customer database.

The companys book keeping and network printer as well...

Microsoft SQL 2000 will be used for the database and the idea is that the main office in Stockholm will also have access to the customer database and book keeping.

The branch office must also have access to the main office since they need to use the Exchange 2000 Server in order to send and receive e-mails.

Furthermore... the employess must have Internet access. There are also plans for an Intranet.

Some sales people will be traveling around in Europe and they must be able to log in to the LAN Network via their Laptops with modems.


I belive that two Windows 2000 Servers will be enough to run the databases, book keeping, File sharing, DNS, DHCP, RAS e.t.c.

Is my assumtion correct? is there enough redundancy with two servers?

For the Internet access, must i use NAT or can it be handled by router???

This myay be a stupid question but i need this clarified...

Where do i place the router? before or after the firewall?
I'm a bit confused on this...

The maximum amount of users will be 35 in the Berlin office. Main office in Stockholm have 250 users but my job is only to build a network for Berlin branch office. I'm not sure how to estimate the traffic other than it will consist of product & customer database transfers, web surfing, mail.

It's NOT a complete scenario where i have to plan every last single OU. Thank God!
More lika a broader plan how to get this branch office LAN up and running.

The WAN Link from Stockholm to Berlin will be a 1 Mb line, Max 2 Mb.

I'm using CAT6 TP cables and a fiber optic to the reception with a media converter.

The OS will be Windows 2003 Advanced Server and Windows 2000 Pro and/or XP.

NO legacy issues and all servers, desktops and laptops are brand new

Well this is my questions so far... I'm very greatfull for any help you can give me!

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Bullet points - and extra credit research

by road-dog In reply to Need help with LAN Scenar ...

Use fiber to reception, that's ok

Use E-1 between offices with channels allocated to Internet access.

Pipe VOIP between sites to leverage toll bypass for inter-office telephony.

NAT using your routers at the sites.

Call your local Sprint rep about network based VPN to suit your scenario. This isn't a plug, it looks like I'm going to be part of the pre-Christmas layoff, I've got nothing to gain. It will allow you to bring a different approach to the exercise that will not be brought in by anyone else. NBVPN will take care of your WAN, VOIP, remote access, and firewall/NAT in a packages telecomm solution, regardless of vendor. I only mention the above because I'm familiar with the product.

Hey, if you can get most of the work done by a salesman..... why not?

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What is the budget for this project?

by BMN In reply to Need help with LAN Scenar ...

I would use an E1 or symmetrical DSL (2+ Mbps) for Internet access and encorporate a IPSEC/SSL VPN appliance for remote access and possibly Firewall protection (depends on the product).

You could also suggest a managed VPN product (say from Deutsche Telekom ;-) that would give them a all required CPE, an SLA, support and Internet access for a monthly fee.

Remote mail might be a problem here in that if their Internet access goes down they have no mail whatsoever, better to have a server on site that remotes to the main office. Better for collaboration, remote users interoffice communications and global address book synch, it would take a huge amount of traffic "off net" or off the WAN.

Assume that there is redundancy built into the servers via RAID and Mirroring and provision uninterruptable power supplies for the network equipment, firewall,VPN and router or modem.

The flow would be E1 (WAN connection) --> data service unit --> router --> VPN/Firewall CPE --> switch (big enough to support all ports for office plus reception (plus some expansion)48 ports should do, you can always buy another 48 port switch when required (cheeper than going with a chassis and "in skin" cards)

All the cable infrastructure could terminate in a full length cabinet and would probably be big enough to house all your equipment less the servers.

I always like how these student senarios never take into account infrastructure, telephone systems or budgets.

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Budget? The sky is the limit!

by peterm_stargazer In reply to What is the budget for th ...

Thanks for the info!

I'm familiar with VPN but what does NBVPN stand for?

I'm planning to use this firewall

If i understand it correctly, with this FW you dont need to install NAT on your Win 2000 server?


The flow would be E1 (WAN connection) --> data service unit --> router --> VPN/Firewall CPE --> switch. (End quote.)

What is "Data Service Unit"? what is it's function?

I havent decided which router to buy... What's your reccomendations? Cisco? or do you know something even "better"

There is Firewalls with VPN and NAT support, also routers with VPN and Nat... How does this fit in to my network design?

There is also all in one Routers but that's not the most optimal solution they tell me.

"I always like how these student senarios never take into account infrastructure, telephone systems or budgets."

Yeah tell me about it! After a 3 month crash course in Networks, TCP/IP, Win2000 Server they expect us to come up with a kick *** network solution for a Branch Office...

Who am i kidding ;-)

P.S. The deadline for this project is Dec 17! Continue panicing! /Peter

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Network Diagram

by peterm_stargazer In reply to Budget? The sky is the li ...

Here's my preliminary Network diagram:

I'm uncertain about the VPN and how to best illustrate it on this diagram.

Is three servers enough for the Branch Office? two redundant for the database, one for DHCP, DNS, RAS e.t.c.

Best regards

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