Need help with MS Access Database

By deanna ·
I have used the front end of a database that was created for my company in 2003. The man who created it passed away in May and since then the pc it was on has crashed. I had placed a copy of the database on a flash drive previously as a back up and decided it was time to transfer the file to my newest pc. Problem: database was created on ms access 2000 so I had to convert it to the 2007 version. I ended up with a missing/broken reference for tacomp90.ocx and couldn't open it without it locking out some of its functionality. I unchecked the reference for the missing file and reopened the database but it stated that the file was not from a trusted location and could potentially cause harm. So I enabled the database as trusted and now I am getting nothing. The entire database freezes up when I open it and will not load. Second problem is I am not a programmer of any kind, have gotten this far because I've had no other choice. Financially unable to afford an expensive programmer to resolve this issue right now, I've done what I could through research. Any help someone could give would be greatly appreciated.

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Just a thought

by shasca In reply to Need help with MS Access ...

Try exporting the data to a new blank database and see if the (macros etc,) causing all these errors go away. It will be a very basic database, but the data should be readily accessable.

In the Database window (Database window: The window that appears when you open an Access database or an Access project. It displays shortcuts for creating new database objects and opening existing objects.), click the name of the object you want to export (export: To output data and database objects to another database, spreadsheet, or file format so another database or program can use the data or database objects. You can export data to a variety of supported databases, programs, and file formats.), and then on the File menu, click Export.
Click the arrow to the right of the Save in box, and select the drive or folder where the database you want to export to is located.
Double-click the icon for the database that you want to export to.
In the Export dialog box, enter a name for the new object (or accept the current name). If you are exporting a table, in Export dialog box, select whether you want to export both the table's definition and data or just the table's definition.

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