Need help with my Video Card

By IsaiahR18 ·
Im currently using a Emachines w3503 and replaced the video card with a ATI RADEON X1300 PRO .. i instaled the drivers for it and everything seemed to work fine the first few hours.. but after having my computer on for awhile my monitor would just shut off and id have to wait a good 10 mins after shutting off my computer for it to reboot normally again(monitor turning back on). So i just figured my card was over-heating .. so i turned off my computer and went to bed. Next morning i woke up, turned my computer on, and everything seems to work fine.. i used it for a good 30 mins and left to work.. once i got home from work, my monitor would not turn on with my computer .. and it wasnt hot or anything.. so i connected my display cable to my on-board video card and everything worked fine again.. and when i connect the display cable to my new video card.. my monitor refuses to turn on... whats wrong???

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Video card at the heart of the matter

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Need help with my Video C ...

The question is why?

Your computer had been running ok with onboard graphics. So if the problems started after about half an hour on the ATI it suggests heat.

You didn't mention having taken any steps against the heat issue. The heat problem may have already damaged your ATI.

What about power. Does the ATI have its own power connector? If so, can your existing PSU handle the increased load?

When you installed the supplied ATI drivers did you go online and download the latest updates?

Its definitely the card, somewhere.

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by mswirski0135 In reply to Video card at the heart o ...

As the above poster said, it is probably heat, or too much load on the power supply.
Look inside your case, what kind of fans do you have? i know on one of my older computers, i was getting the same problem. My cpu was actually overheating because with the new graphics card blocking airflow, heating the air, and sucking the cool air away from the cpu(with a tiny tiny tiny fan!) the cpu just got too hot. So what can you do if this is the case? go out and buy a cpu fan. At the time, i got one for 14$(CAN), it was MUCH bigger, and did the trick quite nicely(built well too ). If it happens to be ur powersupply, you can buy a new one(400W should be fine unless your graphics card is new(like this year, or last) in which it will probably require alot of power(DX10 cards need atleast 700W), so i'd judge it by what the manual says.

If its not heat, and its not the powersupply, I'm not sure what it could be, and i'd defiantly bet on it being one of these(i'm thinking heat as i had the exact same problem)

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