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need help with network, dsl crashing.

By redeemed ·
We have 5 computers, one is the main computer where dsl is set up and networked. Originally we have it set up on another computer which worked fine for 2 yrs but that hard drive crashed so we moved it to the second one untill we redid the first computer. Dsl works fine on second computer but when I log on to my computer ( #3) and go to either email or websites it causes the dsl to drop on computer 1.
my computer has anti virus , firewall and I can see the other computers on net working.

We use sbcglobal for a provider and use speedstream 4060 for a modem.
We have tried settings changed numbers on both computer one and three. We cannot get the webpage to come up on computer 2 withthe new hard drive.

on computer 3 ( mine) I can use msn and irc chat no problem just email and webpage causes the dls to drop.

I hope this all makes sense.


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by Michael J In reply to need help with network, d ...

Not sure how you have this all chained up meaning with a router, hub/switch, or "Daisy Chained".

Leaving the Network side of it (since data is moving), and assuming you're trying to use MS IE:

I would suggest trying a repair on IE....
Control Panel - Add/Remove Programs - Click Microsoft Internet Explorer - click Uninstall - Choose REPAIR....

Best of luck!

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by dnvrtechgrrl In reply to need help with network, d ...

SBC was giving us fits too.
The first issue was the firewall. McAfee was a no go. We uninstalled that and put up a free version called zone alarm and that knocked out quite a few of the problems.

The second issue was the SBC software. Connection was never a problem until both the browser and IE started crashing. Then everything went to pot.

SBC Help, will be of no help either. We went rounds with them for a few months before we finally gave up. We switched to a different carrier and things are running much smoother now.

Two things I'd check first off the bat.
Are you using WinXP. If so, SBC may not be your best option for networking with DSL.

Second, if you can, try and reinstall both the browser and IE. Not from disks, but from both the SBC and the Microsoft download sites.

If you are running XP, you are sure the firewall isn't a problem and you already downloaded both the browser and IE latest versions, you may just need to bail out and find another carrier.

Good luck.
It's a long, frustrating journey.

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