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need help with networking issues

By jgavazzi87 ·
im not very educated on networking my two home computers. i have a linksys wireless adapter and a wireless router. both computers pick up the internet signal from the router but i cant figure out how to share my printer and scanner. im running an xp computer and a 98SE. if anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated. thanks

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Sharing Folders and such

by BFilmFan In reply to need help with networking ...

For XP, the info you need is here:

For Windows 98, here:

Just make sure that you place them both into the same workgroup, that XP has the firewall off, and you aren't digitally signing communications in XP.


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Wrong forum

by deepsand In reply to need help with networking ...

This is a tech. problem, in search of a solution.

It properly belongs in "Technical Q&A," not in "Discussions."

Please re-post there.

Thank you.

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Good work, deepsand

by stress junkie In reply to Wrong forum

I'm glad you caught this ******* and put him in his place. You are truly God's gift to forum police.

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by jgavazzi87 In reply to Good work, deepsand

hey hey i wasnt aware that i couldnt put questions in the discussions section. i just needed help and didnt know where to ask. im not trying to do anything by putting it in dicussions so get off my ******* back

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Nobody was on your ******* back.

by deepsand In reply to

It was merely polite advise that TR has 2 distinct forums, each for intended for & designed to serve different purposes.

That you ended up in the wrong one is a common problem, one that as been addressed in several discussions.

While there are steps that TR can take to direct members to the proper forum, to date thay have shown little interest in doing so.

Therefore, it falls to the members to attempt to mitigate the problem as best we can.

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Don't be discouraged

by stress junkie In reply to

The sarcasm in my apparently supportive post to deepsand may not be apparent. I am, in fact, deriding his gestapo-like activities as a self appointed forum police.

Don't let deepsand or any others of his kind discourage you. He is out of line, not you.

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Am I to understand that you ...

by deepsand In reply to Don't be discouraged

1) Fail to understand the difference between the 2 forums; or,

2) That you deliberately chose to ignore them?

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by stress junkie In reply to Am I to understand that y ...

I'll take option 2.

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So, you consider yourself ...

by deepsand In reply to

exempt from community standards?

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hey sorry

by jgavazzi87 In reply to need help with networking ...

i didnt mean to start a war of words here, im just simply confused about a problem i ran into and needed help. i knew there were some good people who could help me out with my problems but i didnt expect to find people like deepsand acting like the fbi telling people where they should post. maybe instead of using your brain to think up ways to correct people, you could use it in a more positive way, by helping people like me with some technical issues.

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