Need help with new computer that I just put together.

By wisaco ·
I bought all new devices motherboard, video card, etc. I put it all together and i'm starting it up for the first time. I can't get passed the BIOS set up. What do I have to do with a first time????

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Where Stuck

by BorgInva In reply to Need help with new comput ...

What is it that you can not pass? Does it give you any errors?

Are you able to enter BIOS? If so, does it see your memory and hard drive correctly?

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Well this question is the most asked

by zlitocook In reply to Need help with new comput ...

By new computer users, read the manual first. Make sure the memory you have is compatable with the main board. Then look to the manual to be sure that what you are using is ok with the software.
When loading XP you need to check the HAL at MS to make sure all the hard ware is ok.
When you say you can not get past the BIOS set up what can not you get by?
Dose the BIOS not see your hard drives or other things?
Start simple remove every thing except the video, disable the floppy drive and reboot.
You should get a Dos screen that shows your computer setup. Drives, info ect.

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It would have helped if you had listed the hardware that you have

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Need help with new comput ...

But what you should need to do is enter BIOS set the Date & Time make sure that the correct amount of RAM is being seen and that the CPU is set correctly and then save the changes that you have made and exit BIOS. The system should now reboot and go through the POST procedure without a problem and if you have not placed the Install CD/DVD into the Optical Drive it should just go through and display a No Boot Device Found Error Message.

You should also look at the M'Board Manual to make sure that the BIOS Clear Jumper isn't set to Clear as every time that you turn off the system it will come up with this problem.


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