Need help with outlook please!

By howardhkao ·
Sorry this is such a newb question but I experimented with Outlook 2007 recently on my laptop and got myself into a bit of frustration.

I set up my school email account with Outlook and without knowing, I imported all my messages from that account into Outlook, but I wasn't aware that it would delete my original messages on the email account. I was wondering if there was a way to reverse the action and repopulate my HTTP email account inbox with all my original messages.

After spending hours on outlook trying to figure out a way, I came across the setting that I should have checked in the first place, "leave copy on the server." But now I need a way to get all my messages copied from Outlook into the email server inbox. Please help, anything is appreciated.

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try this one for your outlook problem...

by prathaban_u In reply to Need help with outlook pl ...

Not sure whether this solution will work, if you would like you can try. Setup another email account (same as your one) with IMAP server. You will be able to see the Server Folders. Try dragging from your inbox to the IMAP folder inbox. This may take time, so please be aware of that depending on number of emails you have. I would also like to disable the automatic email checking for the POP3 email account that you previously set.

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I'm not sure how to do that...?

by howardhkao In reply to try this one for your out ...

I tried setting my server to IMAP instead of POP3, but after that, the behavior of my http mail account was still the same.

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Outlook messages

by mprobi In reply to I'm not sure how to do th ...

Ok I have a couple suggestions and please excuse the fact that I haven't worked directly with 2007 yet. You can try the following and I hope it works:

The worste and most time consuming is to re-email the messages back to yourself. I seem to remember doing something like this on another version.

The other option is to export your messages to a pst file then delete the account in outlook. Reset up the account with a slightly different name but with the appropriate settings and try to re-import the mail.

Please understand that I am only taking a guess and have at best an amature's understanding.

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Let me see if I understand this.

by howardhkao In reply to Outlook messages

Firstly thanks for your responce. The first option would be the worst indeed, seeing how there's roughly 375 messages at hand.

The second option, and I'm not too familiar with Outlook at all so please bare my ignorance, it seems like if I redo the email setup with Outlook and my school email again, by importing the emails, it would send a copy of the messages to the school email server?

That would be something that I'm looking for, a way to upload a folder, my inbox in Outlook, unto the server.

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Problem solved.

by howardhkao In reply to Need help with outlook pl ...

Great success, the problem was solved by deleting the POP3 version of my email account on Outlook and reloading the same email account but in IMAP setting.

Sure enough Outlook did allow me to drag and drop Personal Folder inbox messages to the email account's inbox.

Thanks to everyone who helped, greatly appreciate it.

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