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Need help with pptp on Win2k PLEASE!

By jdclyde ·

I have a TQ&A open on this, but am running out of time to get this resolved.

I have a system with a clean install of Win2k Pro SP4, roll up, and all other patches are applied.

I NEED to setup a pptp connection, but when I go into he new connection wizard, it asks me to supply the modem information. (on cable modem) I have to select "cancel" three times before it takes me to the next step.

From there, the option for selecting VPN is grayed out.

I have made sure that Telephony and Remote connections manager are running.

The user has administrative rights.

I have disabled the modem, so it shouldn't even look at that, just the ethernet connection.

I have googled the he11 out of this, and nothing explains why the VPN option is grayed out.

I have gone into the network properties and looked to install protocols, but didn't see anything there for vpn.

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sorry JD...

by dawgit In reply to Need help with pptp on Wi ...

I don't want you to think I've been sleeping over-here. Actually it's been the beutiful weather, and the ....... were out (re-moved convicting statements) Sorry that I don't want to try to replicate this on my Win2k machine, it's working at the moment, and I don't want to disturb it. But, I have heard of this, I have to do some re-checking, but one coment was to use the 'Hyper-terminal' set up in the conections sub-box. I thought that strange at the time, that's why I remembered it. another sugestion is, typical of MS, 3rd party soft-ware, (including MS here, in this use) just as when you do some P2P set-ups, create a flopy to take to the rec. machine (???) I'm really rusty, but there is a way. (& it's prabably simple we just over looked)
(edited to stomp all over my-self here)
just a couple of Q's: How is the net-work you're connecting to (for the VPN) set up? You all ready have the PPP set up? (for the PPTP to work on?) Is this on a net(LAN) card? (if so, check the properties on that card, and set up from there, the type protocalls you want to use; ex:PPP)

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When I go to telnet

by jdclyde In reply to sorry JD...

it defaults to com1 instead of tcp/ip and I have to cancel and reselect everytime.

How do I set the default connection device to be the ethernet cable? grrrrr!

Popping case off and ripping modem out right now!

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by Jellimonsta In reply to When I go to telnet

JD, why don't you save a connection that uses TCP/IP and the required parameters?

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Did a telnet session using tcp/ip

by jdclyde In reply to Connection

but that didn't change what the default device is.

I have completely removed the modem, and it still wants to go to com1 first.

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Doesn't the RRAS feature do this?

by Why Me Worry? In reply to Need help with pptp on Wi ...

I've been working primarily with Windows 2003, but I am pretty sure that Windows 2000 has the Routing and Remote Access functions where you can setup demand dial routing, VPN, PPTP, and all that good stuff. You can set it up quickly through the Manage My Computer feature.

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I was thinking that too...

by dawgit In reply to Doesn't the RRAS feature ...

RAS I believe it was in Win2k, but all the same. Isn't that also in Start\All Programs\Accessories\Communications\....... could be under 'Hyperterminal' set up as an DF?, or under Network connections, or even, maybe to Network Set-up Wizzard.

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You have to setup RRAS in Win2K

by Why Me Worry? In reply to I was thinking that too.. ...

Go to manage your server or install windows components from Add/Remove Programs

it will appear under the Administrative Tools group on the Start Menu

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dont see it!!!!

by jdclyde In reply to You have to setup RRAS in ...

Went to the add/remove but nothing about RRAS.

I have installed everything that was available except for the IIS server. Nothing there!

This is driving me nuts because the user wants their system, working or not!!!!

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I remember with win98se the DUN

by jdclyde In reply to Need help with pptp on Wi ...

you had to update the DUN to do pptp with win98. it has been a few years since I got my laptop working on this, and can't find anything on google about it.

Yahoo was worthless and not even close.

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by jdclyde In reply to Need help with pptp on Wi ...

I have to run though.

I will post the solution in about two hours.

shouldn't have worked, but it did. grrrrrr.

thanks again everyone!

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