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Need help with print server

By mattwilson247 ·
Currently 40 of the users on our network are using the same path to reach our 2 network laser printers. The majority of the users are using Windows 2000 and a few are Win9x. I am having to change the name of the printer server. Is there a way I canmodify all of the users print settings to reflect this print server name change? Obviously, I want to do this without having to go to every machine and make the changes manuallly. Is there a script to do this? Let me know. Thanks.


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Print Server?

by matthewballou In reply to Need help with print serv ...

What type of Print Server: W2K,NT,LINUX? We use W2K advanced here on a cluster with the print server as a "service". It works pretty well. Anyway, I believe we have changed the name of the printer a few times. The clients only seem to care about theIP address of the printers. You should try changing the name of one printer and see if that works (after hours).

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Not abour printer name

by mattwilson247 In reply to Print Server?

It's not about the name of the printer it's about the location. For people to print to our printers on the network I have to install software on a server (say it's server02) so everyone has to have the printer setup on their machine as \\server02\hp8150n. If I want to set it up on server03 I have to install the software on server03 and then go around and make the changes on every single computer so they can reach the network printers. These are printers that are connected directly to the network (they have built in NICs). So what can I do to make a change network wide using maybe some sort of script to change all of the users printer settings? Let me know. Thanks.


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