Need help with rs-232c cable to pc hook up

By gargoyle661 ·
I came up on a samsung svr 1620 16 channel security video recorder with no program disks. works/records great and want to use it. It has a rs-232c conector and I would like to conect a pc/laptop to transfer the stored data for edditing.I use this for paranormal research . I will be recording over and over again I need to figure out how to retrieve my information to load it to my pc and pull out the few seconds I will need. I am at a stump. Anyone who can help me figure this one out I would be greatly appretiated.

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hack it up...

by ---TK--- In reply to Need help with rs-232c ca ...

The cable is basically an expensive seriel cable http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/341495-REG/Hitachi_RS232_CABLE_RS_232C_Serial_Mouse_Control.html
then you will probably need to convert it to USB..

This is a hack job, in no way shape or form would I support it... but its got about a 1 in 100 chance it will work.

But apparently that model has a removeable hard drive slot, and a built in NIC... I might look into those routes before you attempt the hack job...

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yeah i know

by gargoyle661 In reply to hack it up...

IThanks . I am a little techi . When your broke you got to work with what you got. I have a dell lap top. and I wanted to figure out how to hook them up I place cameras in haunted locations and somtimes i record some crazy stuff. It was a nice come up and have been messing with it. This little device can let me rcord in larger ghost towns .I have a website so you can check it out www.AntelopeValleyHaunts.com
What I wanted to figure out was the cable part . Cool I found it.(ordered) Know I want to find out how to retrieve any data from it. I dont want to end up loosing anything weird I caught on film. I want to be able to edit it on my pc to upload latter. . Thanks for the help. I was at a wall.
It does have a removable hard drive it seems old lookin but records good.

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