Need help with sound issues for a PC to TV connection.

By ksurrey ·
I am having issues with getting sound out TV. This is not my area of expertise. The set up is:
Dell Optiplex 960
HDMI connection from PC to TV
ADI 198X integrated HD Audio with Soundmax driver
Win 7 Enterprise 32-bit
Y Audio cable red/white w/3.5mm

No sound coming out of TV with the HDMI connection nor from the onboard sound card. So I purchased a sound card. First I purcahsed a Siig which had issues with the display. Then I purchased Creative Sound Blaster Audigy SE which works. But I still get no sound out of the TV. I have tried all kinds of settings and no matter what I try no sound comes out of the TV. Please help me with what I can do to solve this issue. I know HDMI is suppose to carry sound but still do not hear sound coming out of the TV through the HDMI. I know the sound works though the RCA connections as when I hook up a Latitude E6500 to the TV with the HDMI and RCA; the sound works. But using the laptop is NOT an option. My boss wants the desktop PC to be hooked up to the TV. He wants this done and I am to the point of frustration trying to get the sound to work. Please help!

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What model of LCD TV?

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Need help with sound issu ...

That would be helpful to know.

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TV Model and Y Cable

by ksurrey In reply to What model of LCD TV?

It is a Sony LCD Digital Model: KDL-40S4100

I am already using the Y type cable.


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typically if your playing movies from your PC to your TV

by CG IT In reply to Need help with sound issu ...

you have to use the PCs sound card and connect your speakers to the PC.

The HDMI video card in the PC doesn't send sound to the TV, so you won't get sound out of the TV.

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I originally had the speakers connected to PC

by ksurrey In reply to typically if your playing ...

sound card which is through "Y" RCA cables and there was no sound coming out of the TV speakers. I used a generic HD audio driver and Soundmax driver. The Realtex driver is not compatible with the onboard sound card so could not use that. So I went out and bought a sound card and still no sound came out of the TV speakers.

Thanks for replying.

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RE: "The Realtex driver is not compatible" ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to I originally had the spea ...

If as you originally posted, this system has a Soundmax audio system - why are you remarking on a Realtek sound driver?

Where / when did the Realtek driver enter the equation?

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once again the HDMI connector from the PC to the TV

by CG IT In reply to I originally had the spea ...

does not transfer sound.

So if you stick a DVD in and you see the movie on the computer monitor and hear sound out of the speakers, then simply connecting the HDMI cable from the PC to the HDMI TV changes nothing in sound. You simply have to change the primary monitor to the TV and not the PC monitor. Sound will still come out of the PC.

but if you can't do that, call the Geek Squad. TVs and sound systems are what they do.

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Backup, regroup

by IC-IT In reply to I originally had the spea ...

If the Realtek driver is present, you may have one of the few HDMI cards that do allow sound through HDMI.
You will need to set your driver to that.

Which video card do you have?

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