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Need help with SSI 'exec' command

By marty ·
I need to run "remindme.cgi?send_reminders" from a .shtml page. When I put <!--#exec cgi-bin/remindme.cgi?send_reminders" --> on the .shtml page, I get "[an error occurred while processing this directive]"

Any ideas on how to run "remindme.cgi?send_reminders" from another page?

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Try 'virtual'

by shelleydoll In reply to Need help with SSI 'exec' ...

Sometimes 'exec' is blocked on the server, and I'm not sure that you can send parameters to it. Try the 'virtual' directive instead:

<!--#include virutal="/cgi-bin/remindme.cgi?send_reminders"-->

Since it's an include, and not an exec, you need to put the line:
print "content-type: text/html\n";
at the top of your script, after the #!/usr/bin/perl line, or whatever you're using.

Other issues you could be having include - you have no ./ in front of your cgi-bin, in the exec command, and exec requires a relative path, not a url; also, make sure your program has permission to be executed. On UNIX, this means you have to 'chmod 755 remindme.cgi'

Hope that helps!

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