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need help with tightvnc

By gravity13 ·
I work in an enviroment with roughly 60 xp machines and 5 servers running windows server 2003. i have tighvnc installed on all the xp workstations. However i am having issues with about 20 of the workstations.

1. tightvnc server not working after i change the computer name

2. tightvnc server showing wrong computer

3. tightvnc server not working

I originally started out with realvnc with all of the above problems. I then switched to tightvnc and still have the above problems. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling. changing computer names back, installed different versions of real and tight vnc. nothing is working. I have noticed though on some of the workstations that the vnc is not working on the workstations will not return a ping. I have been trying to sort out this issue for some time now, and could use all the help i can get. Thanks

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by Toivo Talikka In reply to need help with tightvnc

Is Windows Firewall on? You need to add WinVNC server and the port the server is listening to the list of exceptions.

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by gravity13 In reply to

no, none of our machines are running windows firewall, but thank you for your response.

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by Toivo Talikka In reply to need help with tightvnc

Are all the workstations in the same subnet? Do you run the VNC viewer from inside or outside the subnet?

When you say that the TightVNC server is 'showing wrong computer', what do you mean?

Do you use DHCP in your LAN or do the workstations have fixed IP addresses?

When you try to connect using TightVNC viewer, do you specify the IP address of the workstation?

If you have 65 workstations and servers, have you allocated a unique port 59nn to each PC?

When the workstation is in a state that it does not return a ping, is any network function working on that workstation? Can it be seen in the Network Neighbourhood? Can you ping other network devices from that workstation?

When you say in 3) 'tighvnc server not working', have you checked from Task Manager if the process/service is running? Have you checked if the port the VNC server is supposed to be listening is open? You check that the port is listening by going to the command mode and doing 'netstat -an'.

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by gravity13 In reply to

1. Yes all workstations are on the same subnet. VNC Viewer is ran on the inside of our subnet.

2. meaning that I can try and connect to one computer ie: BOB but instead it connects to a completely different computer..

3. We use DHCP

4. We try both the IP Adress and the Computer name.

5. I am a little unsure by what you mean allocating a unique port 59nn to each pc.. When we install VNC we let VNC use the default port that it is setup to use.

6. Yes all network is functioning.. I can browse the network, I can ping other machines, I can use the internet, etc.. Yes, it can be seen in netwrok neighbor hood..,

7. Yes, all process and services are runnin. Yes we have cheked the port and it is open as well, including using the 'netstat -an'.

Thanks for continuing to help and solve this issue. If you need any other info, just let me know.

Thanks Again!!!

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by Toivo Talikka In reply to need help with tightvnc

If you use DHCP, you may have an issue with the client-side DNS cache in the Windows XP workstation you are using to run VNC Viewer. The default caching for positive responses is 24 hours.

A Microsoft knowledgebase article explains how to reduce the caching time or turn off the DNS caching altogether:;en-us;318803

You can test this by flushing the DNS cache before using VNC Viewer:

ipconfig /flushdns

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by gravity13 In reply to need help with tightvnc

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