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    Need help with triple router setup

    by mfritz1982 ·


    I currently have Spectrum internet with a 1 gigabit connection. Before spectrum I had AT&T but the fastest speed in my area was only 50mbps. When I saw Spectrum offering a Gigabit connection, i jumped all over that! I have three routers in my setup. One router on the main floor connected directly to my modem. Another router in basement and the last router in my upstairs bedroom. The basement and upstairs bedroom routers are connected directly to the main router. I had someone come out and hardwire my basement and upstairs directly to my main router that way i could have three available wifi routers depending on where i was in my house.

    I’ve had this setup for the last 7 years with no issue and it’s worked out fantastic! As of this past week, I’ve had nothing but problems getting all three routers to have internet access at the same time. It started with some weird message i was getting when i tried to connect certain devices to the internet. This was two laptops and even my Xbox One. I was getting a message about downloading an update for the Coronavirus. It would redirect me to some webpage almost like a portal you have to go to when you sign into a hotels wifi. I called Spectrum and they replaced my modem. That didnt fix it. Called Linksys because my main router is a Linksys EA7300. The tech support person had me completely reset my router and that fixed the problem. Or so I thought.

    Ever since I replaced the Spectrum modem and reset my Linksys Router, i have not been able to get my three router setup working. I’ve tried eberything! Spectrum sent out a tech and he suggested that I give up on my three router setup and go with a wifi mesh. Which is what i just did. I purchased the three pack Orbi wifi mesh system. After testing it all day, i can safely say that this orbi setup doesnt even come close to the speeds i was getting with my 3 router setup. Before, I could run a speedtest with my 3 router setup and get around 500-600mbps. With this new Orbi setup, I would be lucky to get 65-80mbps. This is just not acceptable at all. Especially at this price point.

    So after all this rambling i have two questions. First question is does anyone know why this 3 router setup isnt working anymore and 2nd question is why crazy slow speeds with the orbi setup. Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated.

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