Need help with windows drivers turning off

By ndveitch ·
Hi There,

I'm not sure if my title is correct but here goes. For roughly the last 2 weeks I have noticed that a few of my users are complaining that their sound is turning off, and it is even happening on my machine. I spoke to my colleague at another site and he is having the same issue.

The problem is that the sound keeps turning off and either I have to reboot the system or reload the driver. I have also found that if I go into services I have to start the 'Windows Audio' service. As I said it started about 2 weeks ago and to random users.

I have run malwarebytes, spybot, super anti-spyware and Symantec Enterprise Protection and on some of the machines and it found problems and removed them, and others were clean. Whether they were infected or not the sound problem still occurs. We are all running XPpro SP3.

One suggestion was that the machines don't have enough memory to run the resources but the machines have been running the same software for over a year now without any hassles. Could it be a bad update that came down?

If anyone has any ideas on things I could check or monitor to try and prevent this from happening. I'm almost completely stumped with this one.


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by oldbaritone In reply to Need help with windows dr ...

Try either newer version of the audio driver, or maybe roll back to an older one. If you're using a generic MS Windows driver, try to find a manufacturer-specific driver. Conversely, if you're using a manufacturer's driver, try to see if there's a generic driver available for it.

My first guess, given your description, is that something may take control of the audio to send a sound, and not release it properly when it closes, or the driver may not be handling the closeout properly.

Since your description was so detailed, I'm guessing that you have already run registry integrity checks. If not, that would be something else to try.

"Could it be a bad update that came down?" - that's definitely a possibility, which is one of the reasons I suggested looking for newer driver updates, or rolling back to a previous driver.

Good luck.

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What is in common

by mla_ca520 In reply to Need help with windows dr ...

Do you have a piece of software installed on all of the machines that are having the problem?

Recently McAfee put out a bad update, which hit several of our machines at once and it caused an ongoing reboot problem.

Look in your log files to see what happened on the date that your users started experiencing this trouble and see if you can identify any updates. Look for any similarities among PCs

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Will try

by ndveitch In reply to What is in common

Hi there,

Thank-you for the advice, I will look at getting new drivers. I have gone over the event logs and there is nothing out of the ordinary to suggest a fault. That is the one thing that is really irritating

One thing I did try that seems to be working so far is, I went to the Windows Audio service and on the Recovery Tab I selected that the service must restart if it fails. It seems to be working but I will only know when the users start complaining again, you know how users are :)

Anyway, thanx again for the suggestions and if I find a more suitable solution I will post it.

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by Gis Bun In reply to Need help with windows dr ...

Aside from a driver issue, do the system use the same audio card but the others that are working don't?

Probably not a memory issue and even then, it wouldn't shut down a service.

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Not the same audio card

by ndveitch In reply to Unsre....

It seems to be at random. I have a mix of HP compaq's and Dell Inspiron's. So there is a mix of audio drivers and it seems to be effecting random users.

I saw on the service that there is a recovery button and I have selected all the options to restart the service. Since then no user has come back to me.

Normally when the users are quiet that means all is well, so i'm hoping over here ... :)

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