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    Need help with Wireless PLEASE. VERY LOW SIGNAL


    by turbo-turk ·

    Hello everyone.
    router= D-Link DI-620 adsl wireless 108G router with AirPlus ExtremeG technology, if that helps, the router is spose to connect to other wireless receivers 100 metres away and im shore my house is not 100 metres squared.
    receiver= 802.11G/2.4GHZ wireless Cardbus adaptor for my dads laptop.

    My father recently brought a new adsl router with Wireless tech and 4 ports inbuilt. The router is fine, accept it does have the problem of reseting itself every 5 minutes, and that gets frustrating as i have a strong passion in gaming and play first person shooters more than i should be, so if anyone has an answer to this constant reseting that would be really helpfull.

    My Main problem is that after i had run the setup and finalised the drivers etc, connected my PCMCIA card and boom, i got a conection that i had maid before wich was named ‘isikli’ so it was like our family network. Once i saw the connection i realised that there was only 2 bars out of 6 filled green, then i looked up and realised i was in my room with the router on my desk mearly 2 metres away from me. Now i work at a High school a few suburbs up and i recently helped setup their wireless system usung cisco certifide routers and i am shore i had realised that the closer i was to the access point the stronger the connection.

    Ive tried everything in my settings wich is located in the webpage inside my router, ive enabled and disabled super G with dynamic turbo, extended range mode, 802.11G only mode SSID broadcast mode and the WMM function (Wiresless Qos) and considering that the turbo mode only runs in channel 6, i have not tried other channels.

    please if anyone can get back to me asap with a suitable reply involving tweaking, settings, setup, diagnostics etc that would be very helpfull and greatly apreaciated.

    thank you and goodnight.

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      had a breakthrough

      by turbo-turk ·

      In reply to Need help with Wireless PLEASE. VERY LOW SIGNAL

      Guess what everyone i have had a breakthrough.

      i was about to go to sleep and ada goes, ‘u know the 2 receivers i have upstairs wich transmit video and recieve video from the projector, u know they are 2.4GHZ, same as your adsl router’

      so theres my problem solves, i turned the receivers off, and boom, i got a very strong connection from my back yard witch is about 20 metres away from my room and i went across the street lol with dads laptop and considering my room is up the back of the house, i got a low signal and was still able to access the internet at slow speeds, but the street is nearly 40 metres away cause of the massive land our house is on. anyway thats another thing to keep in mind, watch out for other appliences that are the same frequency as the appliance your trying to run. thank you

      PS: i still have the problem about my router reseting, so if anyone can get back to me that would be awsome. I actualy herd a friend saying something about parental control options in the ip address of the router eg: and ive tried fidling with that but the router still resets. so please can u help me out. and thanks, and good night, its nealt 3:00am here better get to sleep.

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        Tried a firmware update.

        by jim_p ·

        In reply to had a breakthrough

        With the router being a D-Link, all I can suggest is to try a firmware upgrade. If that doesn’t fix it, then I would try taking it back to where you bought it from (if it is still under warranty) and get a replacement unit.

        Kind Regards,

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      The common wireless problems I’ve come across are

      by deadly ernest ·

      In reply to Need help with Wireless PLEASE. VERY LOW SIGNAL

      1. Something else using the same frequency.

      Change the frequency of one of them.

      2. The system is using a generic network name or identification system and is getting interference with, or from, a similar system in the area. My brother’s set up would switch between his router and his neighbour’s.

      Resolve by selecting your own name and ID set up. If possible, limit system to the systems with specific host names (list all on, or likely to be on your system) or set up with static IP addresses. Also use some sort of security ID system to limit outsider access.

      3. The IP address is duplicated in the system. Some require that they are the gateway and autoset to a specific address (eg and another system on the network wants to use the same address, change one of them. A friend had an ADSL router/modem and a straight wireless router piggy backed behind it, both were constantly resetting as both defaulted to using – we rest one to use and left the other alone – problem vanished.

      4. Too much metal or other electrical devices around the router or the wirelss card causing loss of signal or interference.

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