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Need Info about microwave

By Sitizn Wille ·
I would like some information about microwave.

We currently use t-1 for remote locations all over 100 miles away.
It was mentioned to the CEO that we should check into using microwave towers and that it would be cheaper.
I have NO idea about microwave, other than I thought it was outdated and was used in the 60's?
Can anyone please give me some insight on this technology.
Cost, reliablity, SECURITY? Something better perhaps?
Sitizn Wille

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by Jaqui In reply to Need Info about microwave

still used.
easily secured, as you can encrypt your transmitions.
expensive. your looking at one tower per 30 miles of distance. ( unless going to direct satellite connection, which is even more expensive )

actually works out far cheaper to be using the t1.
far cheaper to upgrade it to OC3 than microwave.

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by Choppit In reply to Need Info about microwave

In my experience,microwave is prone to atmospheric interference. I'm currently 2 years into a dispute with C&W over outages caused by moderate rain. A C&W engineer also told me that here in the UK, property developers are under no obligation to consider the needs of 'line of sight' services. In the case he had been involved with,the building of a stadium had cut off an entire business park.

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by dafe2 In reply to Need Info about microwave

We continue to use microwave successfully a Nuclear Plants (and Prisons) as a backup to WAN connectivity & for secure communications.

Less expensive than T1 & VERY reliable.

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by Sitizn Wille In reply to Outdated....Not

Are you in a metropolitian type area?
I have been talking with the phone company, and to my surprise, it is not outdated, and works well in some places.
But is REALLY expensive, but we are talking about hundreds of miles, and there is just not any microwave towers here anymore, they have all been sold or switched to cell towers.
I have been told that the only reson you should use microwave is if you can't get t-1 to that area. Plus microwave being prone to interference from snow, rain, wind... ect all of which we have alot of here, well not so much rain, but lots of snow and wind.
I just can't see how it would be fesable to switch to microwave since we have the infastructsure in place for the t-1's already, sure it is alot of money, but to implament microwave seems like alot of expense?

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Remote locations

by dafe2 In reply to Microwave

It's curious the info you received is so different than our phone co.

Specifically the reason we use Microwave is it's reliability. In our experience it is not prone to interference...

If there's no infrastructure in place for you I can understand the costs & your right.

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Remote locations

by Sitizn Wille In reply to Remote locations

The area is not flat, we would have to go from here to the top of a mountion and then from there down to the other location. They said the one on the mountain will get lots of snow and ice, and if the dish ices up, no service.
Then from one of the other remote locations is in a differnt location and there are no towers, and not flat either, so if you have to start placing towers.. dishes.. ect..
Not cost effective, in my opinion, but I don't know to much about it.
Is there any other alt to a t-1 that mabey I am not thinking about?

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Not really....

by dafe2 In reply to Remote locations

Must be some ROUGH environment for your provider to be concerned about weather affecting Microwave transmission! (Wow)But I understand you mentioned it was quite a bit more expensive in your area too.

Only other thing I can think of is Satellite which in your case would be worse.

I'm sure others may come up with something.

Good Luck


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by Sitizn Wille In reply to Not really....

Thanks for your help!
There is not two many microwave towers in this area anymore, at one time it was huge, but all has been sold and such.
Looking more and more like t-1 is the only way to go. There is only one service provider in this area, no compitition, so going though someone else for t-1 does help cut cost, but they have to buy the bandwidth from the provider anyways. Not to many options in this area. But we are looking into differnt places that might be able to negotiate a cheaper price per t-1
Thanks for you help

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Your welcome

by dafe2 In reply to

Hope things work out for you


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by Jaqui In reply to Remote locations

I put two separate microwave receivers up in areas that no other company was able to get any signal, due to interference.

the interference in both cases was caused by microwave trancievers, but yes, even clods can interfere with the signal in remote locations.

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