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Need IT Advice for Recovery Plan !!!

By dakid ·
hey all,

I have a friend w/ small simple office of 1 server and 3 client pc's. We want to implement recovery plan for each pc individually. I've heard of imaging software (ex.acronis), unattended windows installations, wininstall, and others similiar. All this is confusing. It's becoming like trying to choose the right religion (w/so many out there!) he stresses to me that down time is money for him, so with that in mind
please help and thanks in advance

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by cmiller5400 In reply to Need IT Advice for Recov ...

You can use Acronis True Image while working in Windows. I would create a full disk image then do incremental images from there. Acronis supports doing an incremental image from the last full backup. I use it at home. Where you store these images is another subject. You could burn them to dvd each time or you could get a NAS server that has raid 5 to store them on so that you can boot to the linux restore cd and recover them from the network.

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by dakid In reply to Need IT Advice for Recov ...

3 client pc's have xp pro sp/2 and server is windows 2000.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Need IT Advice for Recov ...

It really depends on what level of DR Plan that you need to impelment. The above will work perfectly for a HDD crash and replacment but will fail misserably if there is a Fire or water damage to the business. If you are looking at the Worst Possible Senario you'll need to store the Images or Clones off site so that you can replace all the computers and have them up and running in about 30 minutes.

Here it starts to get hard to work from as I don't know the budget that you have to work with or the level of DR Planning that you are impelmenting. If it is a High Level I would fit removable caddies to every computer and Ghost the contents to these drives on a regular basis and make sure that they are removed after the cloning and taken off site in their caddies. You could possible do the same thing with USB Drives but I find them slower to do the actual work.

At one business recently they had their fire suppression system go off accidently and flood the place out I had them up and running again with NB's on the desktop and one of my test rigs working as a Temp Server in about 25 Minutes but I must admit that I knew prior to oppening on the Monday what I had to do and most of that 25 minutes was spent gatthering the necessary hardware prior to attending the business.

That got them working again and I replaced all the desktops with the correct units and a New Servre within a couple of days as I like to burn in for 100 hours before delivering any hardware so I know that its going to work. They kept the Nb's and are now using them when away from the office as a personal notepad and work tool that they download all the data back to their main computers when they are in the office.

On the other hand if you are only looking at a HDD failure you can do as suggested above.


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by dakid In reply to Need IT Advice for Recov ...

based on answer #2, we're looking to be able to recover from hardware to software failure as well. Server currently has raid 1 setup.

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