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    Need Mobile App Developer


    by gofishn ·

    Does anyone have any information small or big on creating an Mobile App/ Website????

    Im looking to hire someone to build an App to create a for Profit business.

    Any Recommendations ?????

    Any price points I should consider.

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      I worry here.

      by rproffitt ·

      In reply to Need Mobile App Developer

      Mobile app and web developers are now plentiful. It’s not as if there is a shortage here. Maybe you need to share what efforts you have made and maybe tell why you think your search is failing.

      For example last week another big idea person couldn’t get developers to “pitch in” on their endeavor. It was not as if there were not any developers that responded. What the developers balked at was the compensation. Big idea wanted the app and sites for free and would pay from the success.

      Cue video about lead balloons.

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      Re: mobile developer

      by kees_b ·

      In reply to Need Mobile App Developer

      There are world-wide so many freelance developers and small or big companies that’s totally impossible to do any recommendation that wouldn’t be looked at as spam.

      The price is totally dependent on your requirements.

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        Marketplace is the best option!

        by jeff limon ·

        In reply to Re: mobile developer

        As the title says it all. You need to search on the Marketplace for the best web developer. Because there are lots of professional. All the best!

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      approach freelancer

      by brack nelson ·

      In reply to Need Mobile App Developer

      approach to the freelancers for the best results. You can find them on (freelancer dot com).

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      website and App developing

      by ewatson1 ·

      In reply to Need Mobile App Developer

      may I speak with you about Specification
      I am Developer myself and there are many website and Mobile App developer in my friend circle

      may be I can help

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      Finding app developer

      by meekeboose ·

      In reply to Need Mobile App Developer

      For your profit business you can search freelance websites such us Upwork. Moreover, be clear about your business needs and set criteria to find the best developer for your project.

      In addition to that you can also read Tech blogs where you can look for tools that might suit your needs.

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      Need Mobile App Developer

      by smith987 ·

      In reply to Need Mobile App Developer

      I think you should consult a mobile app development company.
      Here is the list of top outsourcing companies which have good work history

      Clarion Technologies
      Kelton Tech Solutions

      please check their previous work to know more about the company.

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      Hire Experienced Mobile App Developers.

      by simransaini7654 ·

      In reply to Need Mobile App Developer

      Mobile app development has reached advanced levels and you can’t just trust any naïve mobile app developer. To get creative and unique features in your app for android and iOS you need to hire certified and experienced mobile app developers. Reputed companies can help you build scalable mobile app solutions across multiple platforms and connected devices to gain maximum ROI in today’s digital economy. If you choose successful app development companies, they start with defining the complete scope of the mobile app development project and also defining the product goals and business outcomes to get the right functionality and create a strong user impact. You also get a scalable product roadmap for supporting long-term growth.

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      Mobile App Developer

      by innovationm_ ·

      In reply to Need Mobile App Developer

      It depends on your need whether a freelancer or a mobile app development company would work for you. It is based on how much money you want spend or what kind of requirements of you are their. Before selecting an individual or company consider these points:
      i. Experience of developers
      ii. Reviews from previous clients.
      iii. Their designs
      iv. Projects done

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      Outsourcing to Mobile App dev companies

      by shiva0704 ·

      In reply to Need Mobile App Developer

      There are various ways to find mobile app developer, but I assume you are unsure as there are too many of them and you are not sure which one to choose from, here is a way to find a good company, and will share my known companies too,

      1. Search in your Locality
      search in google local business, mentioning your locality/city, read the reviews, check their team, check their portfolio, employees rating to understand the culture

      2. Search in Listings
      Craig List is a good starting point, few others are,, upwork etc

      3. Ask your Friends / Colleagues
      ask !!!, they might be having prior experience working with a Tech company, much easier & reliable via references

      talk to at least 5 of them before deciding

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