Need more free space

By arief ·
My Domain controller has 4 HD with RAID 5. The C: drive is simple volume dynamic with 4GB space that is full now. Only 200MB is free. The E: drive also simple volume, dynamic with 97GB. I have move the paging to E:, also set temp files to go there too.
I have moved or installed all programs on E: except some that must be on C: and of course windows 2000.
I ?m wondering how can I free some space or add a HD so I would have some room on C I cannot extend the volume since it has the OS on. For the same reason I can not increase the size of C:
Any suggestion.?

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Why can you not increase the size of your Boot Drive?

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Need more free space

4 GIG is very small and unless this is very old hardware the BIOS should support a Bigger Boot Drive. Even if this is a SCSI it's a small drive by any standards even if it was old when Y2K was new the hardware will have supported HDD's much bigger than 4 GIG that size limit was available in the DOS days on the Promise Technology IDE Cards that went into Vesa Slots in the 386/486 days.

If you can not increase the Boot Drive size it sounds as if you have done everything possible to make the system work, your only available option now is to install another HDD and move as much as possible in the way of User Files to the New HDD as even 97 GIG of Free space isn't a lot to think about on a Server.

Also what type of Server is this unit you've said that it's your Domain Controller but what else is it doing? To chew up all that HDD Space?

I would seriously be looking at a bigger Boot Drive and Clone the Contents of your Current Boot Drive to the replacement drive that way you will only be down for he length of time taken to Clone and install the replacement HDD.


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