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Need more IP addresses

By info ·
I am using the scope for my network I am running out of addresses since are using more wireless devices and systems. How do I add more addresses to my scope of - superscope??

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by CG IT In reply to Need more IP addresses


or change to a Class A.

you could go with a Class B but heck Class A give you about 16k possible networks with a whopping 16 million odd possible unique node addresses for each network. Be tough to run out of addresses if you have 16 million of em per network.

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by info In reply to Need more IP addresses

But if I change to class A like then I have to change all my static devices. so There is no way to add say to my dhcp to get it to use those in addition to the addresses???

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by zlitocook In reply to Need more IP addresses

Have you looked into subnetting one of your IP address?

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by wcp In reply to Need more IP addresses

Connect a second router to the first one.

The first router network IP would be ? 254 as you have now.
One of those should be assigned to the WAN of the second router.
The second router network IP could be ? 254.

There should not be a problem of connecting Internet or accessing the first network from the second one.
However, there might be a problem of accessing the second network from the first one.

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by CG IT In reply to

there's the superscope.

yes you can do it using a different subnet mask but.... using a Class A, you don't have to worry about running out of addresses.

Cisco kinda came up with a defacto standard that in planning a corporate network, no matter how small, the use of Class A addressing allows for growth.

you might use a different address and subnet mask on a class C to give you more addressing but that doesn't seem to solve the root problem, the plan for company growth. Better to switch to a Class A which gives room for growth that having to continually run of of node addresses. Little pain now vs a bigger pain later on.

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