Need new AC adapter - Who to buy from?

By SXENedger ·
My cat chewed at the plug of my HP laptop's AC adapter a few weeks ago, and the wire finally damaged beyond repair today. As I'm looking into buying a replacement AC adapter straight from the HP store, the best price I can get is around $55 before shipping and handling. On another site,, I found this for a better price, which is apparently on sale and the website swears that it is compatible. Seems a little too good to be true from a third-party adapter however.
Should I trust this and order the model that's on sale, or play it safe and get an (expensive) exact replacement straight from HP? Bear in mind that the body of the AC adapter is completely fine, it's just the end of the cord that is broken.

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I would Play it Safe

by Jacky Howe In reply to Need new AC adapter - Who ...

It will be a safer bet.

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Well it may work

by OH Smeg In reply to Need new AC adapter - Who ...

But it just as well may destroy your NB. If you use the HP Supplied one and it does any damage you have a comeback against HP for the damage. But I very much doubt that the 3rd Parts Supplier will warranty their products for any damage that they may cause.

Is it worth saving $20.00 and running the risk of destroying your NB?


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You beat me to it ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Well it may work

I'd have said exactly the same thing.

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Well OM

by OH Smeg In reply to You beat me to it ...

I am about 10 hours in front of you.


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In pursuit of economy

by MartyL In reply to Need new AC adapter - Who ...

Here's a thought: If you can, go to a retailer who sells your model of laptop, and ask if you can buy just an adapter.
Get the specs off the one you have - watts and amps and so forth (also identify the type of plug), and go in search of an adapter that has the same specs. A good first place to try would be your local computer shops - just call around.

All the adapter does is convert house current (60 Hz AC at 110-120V) to whatever the laptop needs - so that's all the replacement needs to do.

An original HP part is safest if you have warranty considerations.

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by nashtech In reply to Need new AC adapter - Who ...

Flip the adapter over and key the model number into the search bar at ebay!

Also, type it in google, click shopping and sort by price, and find a good deal!

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