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Need new server OS. Windows Sever?

By lostit ·
Hello I hope some of you can shed some light on this for me.
At my company we have a server with Windows Server 2000 with SQL Server 2000 running our Microsoft Dynamic software.
This server is over 7 years old and we are starting to get a lot of problems with it.
I have a quote from a local computer store that will sell us a server but the OS is Windows Server . The question I have is right now we dont have a limit on users that can be connected to the server; right now we have 12 connected computers.
But with Windows Server the limit is 10.
Is this the only way to upgrade our server?
Can I install Windows XP Pro on the server and then install SQL 2005(this came with the upgrade to Dynamics 9.0) for our Dynamics software?

I am at a loss on what to do.

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yes but xp will limit to 10 users simultaneously connected also

by sgt_shultz In reply to Need new server OS. Windo ...

I would stay mainstream with Windows 2003 Server and buy extra licenses from same vendor. Else consider Small Business Server with 50 user license. remember to quote for extended maintenance contracts and for backup hardware and media also. Antivirus software.
i think you might want to write up your requirements. how many users? what kind of network services in use now, and on Want List etc. Now, and say 3-5 years from now. Fax to various vendors, see who helps the most.

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Need updated technology

by kowitz In reply to Need new server OS. Windo ...

First, you got Windows Server 2000, which is extremely outdated. Windows Server 2008 would work much better, and if you have an eight year old server than its probably just time to move on. I'd say look on local listings on craigslist or Ebay.

Can't provide you with any links to craigslist offers (don't know your location), but there are a couple deals on Ebay that are beyond amazing considering the economy:

Best option: HP ProLiant ML150 5g E 5410. HP sells it for 1,400, and this auction has it for 1,000 and it has 4 1TB hard drives installed as well as Windows Server 2008. It'd probably go for 1,800.

A few other options as well. Just go onto Craigslist and see what's around your area. Should be the same great prices, but the only thing is that craigslist doesn't allow you to see the quality of the seller.

Best of luck.

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