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Need Opinions

By Thumper1 ·
I am the NW Admin for two law firms, splitting my time between the two. One firm has 11 Attorneys. Presently, on a Novell 4.11 Server with GroupWise 5.2. The Accounting program is on a separate Windows 2000 server that run the accounting program only.
We are getting ready to replace the Novell servers with Windows 2003 servers, adding Exchange 2003 and seem to have a difference of opinion on server requirements:
I maintain that Exchange should be on a separate server. Client data and programs that run on the network should not be on the same server with exchange.
One of the Attorneys maintains that Exchange and client data will be fine on the same server. We have about 6G of sensitive client data that I do not want to risk.
I have always thought that Exchange belongs on a separate server. Who is right?

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by JamesRL In reply to Need Opinions

I have had the unpleasant task of dealing with an Exchange server that slowly corrupts over time. The restore time is many hours. Can you afford to be without your accounting data while someone is restoring your mail boxes??

Exchange is a bear - don't put other applications on the same box if you wish to retain your sanity.


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seperate server

by afram In reply to Need Opinions

I strongly suggest having a dedicated exchange server. Employee storage could contain viruses that might damage the mail server. Also, copying data to and from the server is a drain on resources.

It will also take longer to back up the exchange server if it has to back up all the user data too.

I suggest keeping the install as clean as possible

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Whoever has the money is right

by jdmercha In reply to Need Opinions

Technically with only 11 people, you could run it all from a single server. But I agree with the previous postings, that this is not desirable. Especially if you have sensitive client data. I would also want the file server to be isolated from the Internet. Preferably on a different subnet from the Exchange server.

Which brings up another question. With only 11 accounts, why would you run your own email server anyway? What about a web server? I'd look into a web hosting service that will provide email as well.

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You've got another problem

by amcol In reply to Need Opinions

Why does an attorney get to weigh in on an issue of technical architecture?

Do you, as the network admin, get consulted on legal strategies?

Whether you're talking about the managing partner, the administrative partner, an associate, or a paralegal, no one but you really knows what they're talking about. To the attorney who's providing his/her considered opinion on this matter, it's just a question of money. Co-locating Exchange (BTW, you and the other posters are's definitely the wrong thing to do) means one less server to buy, never mind the potential consequences. That's where the attorney is coming from.

You need to assert yourself a little more. If you agree to implement as he/she is recommending you're going to be the one holding the bag when the server crashes and everything is offline. I'm quite certain the attorney will be happy to leap to your defense when that happens...aren't you?

Stick to your guns. Doing the wrong thing for the right reason is still wrong. Present your case for isolating Exchange on its own server in a reasoned, professional fashion without editorializing. Show the pros and cons of each approach in such a way that the correct answer is obvious.

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Or just upgrade GW and **** on Exchange

by Oz_Media In reply to You've got another proble ...

You have no need for Exchange that GW 6.5 won't resolve and then compliment.

Weigh your needs and available options before deciding how to implement it. A GW upograde will be SO much easier and a LOT cheaper.

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Your right, but why not SBS??

by dafe2 In reply to You've got another proble ...

(However SBS 2003 does not isolate Exchange.)

I have to wonder what's driving this change....this seems like an awfull lot of server to throw at 11 users???

If they insist on an MS solution would SBS not make more sense?

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I guess I am not losing my mind afterall!

by Thumper1 In reply to Need Opinions

Thanks to everyone who responded. This network has 25 total users. The thought of running Exchange along with file and print sharing really scares me. In eight years, the servers on this network (3) have been down a total of four hours. I think that's a fairly good record.

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Dont replace!

by nirdla In reply to I guess I am not losing m ...

You have 25 users only? Take a look at Novell small business suite 6.5! that includes, GW 6.5, Zenworks, Netware 6.5, Fax server, Firewall, etc. I think 5 or 10 users are FREE! You will only pay for the service and additional licenses. And believe me, Novell solutions is much better than microsoft. Go for a little research.. You can also opt for Linux as platform. OPEN and SECURED.

Good Luck.
Happy GW and Novell solution users.

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Two different reasons

by Gast?n Nusimovich In reply to I guess I am not losing m ...

IMHO, any attorney has no business with such a technical decision.

He seems to be concerned with a budget issue.

That is an important issue, but should come after the technical issues have been dealt with.

It makes no sense to put sensitive data to risk just to save money.

The main purpose of the server or servers in this case is to take care of business data. It is both a technical and business decision.

You should pursue and defend the separate servers architecture: Mail server (Exchange) separate from the File/Print (SQL Server ?) Server.

The mail services have different configuration and optimization requirements than the file/print/application services.

These thecnical aspects have serious business implications, and you need a technical background to asses these issues.

Good luck!

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Have you considered SBS 2003

by dafe2 In reply to Need Opinions

Have you evaluated an SBS based Server Solution?

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