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    Need Pager/Cellphone Policy, Procedure f


    by bonko ·

    For higher level technical support on certain applications or systems, we have call-out lists. I would like to know what policies and procedures companies are using to manage the call-out process. What are your standards for pager and cellphone use? Any advice or referrals to other resources would be appreciated.

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      Need Pager/Cellphone Policy, Procedure f

      by peter.f.maronge ·

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      We have established Service Level Agreements for software affecting a production environment. Our T1 people “carry” for a week at a time on a rotating basis and there is an very defined escalation policy. Tier 1 determines the severity of the issue.Critical highest/ T1 works with the customer via phone to determine the source of the problem. T1 will and can call in a T2 specialist. In less than 1% of “after hours” emergencies, T1 spec calls in T2. Usually a workaround can be provided and the T1 and T2 work on the issue the next day. T3 and T4 area available but rarely called (1 a year).We are a low volume high complexity center.
      The SSPA organization at as well as the Help Desk Institute ( may be able to offer some valuable

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