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    Need Password Utility


    by dortress ·

    My company is about to implement (for the first time ever) a password policy. In addition to requiring regular changes, we’re going straight for the jugular: strong passwords – upper, lower, numeric and special characters.

    Our client base is not technically adept. (No, really – I dare you to beat our regular calls involving what a “Start button” is….)

    Given the user base, I’m very eager to provide them with a tool that will let them check their passwords in advance and give them feedback on which strong password criteria they haven’t fulfilled.

    I used something like this in signing up for a service: I entered my password and with every criteria I fulfilled, a red “X” changed to a green “check”.

    I’ve looked at alot of password generator tools, but none of them seem to provide this type of simplistic criteria check.

    Can anyone recommend a utility or script that I could distribute in conjunction with this rollout?


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