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Need Projects based on Military Security

By Roadies ·
Hi Techrepublicans,
I m a Final Year Computer Science Engg Student. I'm now in a phase of doing my final year project. I'm asked to do my project on Military Security.I need your help in sugesting some ideas and a good topic so that i get good grade in my project.If possible, Please provide me some Base Paper on Military Security.

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I don't think anybody that knows about Military Security

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Need Projects based on Mi ...

is going to discuss it on the Internet. It sounds like a quick way to lose one's security clearance.

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Which military - each country has a different standard

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Need Projects based on Mi ...

much of the public accessible information is already available on the various nation's government web sites for their military services. They usually list and set the basic IT security standards to be met, and then a check of the relevant standards gives you more data.

As a basic rule - military combat, communications, or critical systems do NOT connect to the Internet. Military organisation do have a number of networks that do NOT have any connections between them. The general usage communications network for administrative purposes usually connects to the Internet via a high security gateway that has full redundancy, with routers at each end and segregating each section (gee, basic security set up, how surprising), with anti-virus, mail servers, and proxy servers in the DMZ. All are set up so that communications from inside MUST be initiated from inside and not outside.

All the above is already public domain information about military IT. Anything beyond that, you need to contact the relevant military IT administration and seek advice as to what they can let you know.

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