Need Public IP thru VPN, but = home router's ip

By snowfreak1 ·
My company does building automation, and we are frequently required to TCP/IP connect to remote buildings to tune the HVAC controls. In many cases, these buildings have secured networks which block all outside access except specially granted. Our office's Internet IP Address is in those allow lists.

When I connect VPN, I get my local IP address from the office gateway, and from my local router. thats all good. When I navigate to, it shows the same public ip address my router is holding from my cable ISP.

When I attempt to connect to a remote site, same problem, where it only knows my home connection's ip adress.

Is there something I can do on win xp pro laptop? or can the VPN be configured differently? I'm not sure if this can be fixed. I'd like to make it so it was truely as if I was sitting at my desk.

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Connect from a system at work

by BFilmFan In reply to Need Public IP thru VPN, ...

I would recommend that you RDP to a system at work and then connect to the remote system. That would solve the issue.

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RDP Won't Work...

by snowfreak1 In reply to Connect from a system at ...

Sorry I should have included a bit more information. Since our systems are polling control panels in real time and displaying animated graphics of fan's and dampers and valves etc. it is a lot of data transfer. To log in remotely to a PC at work, with our software loaded IS an option. However, the reason I need to do this is for DEMO purposes.

I'd really like to be able to connect live to this site to see real time data transfer times, not bogged down by the RDP data as well.

So that being said, is there NOW anything that can be done?

Thank you very much!

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Its a heavy streak,... but

by Keystones In reply to RDP Won't Work...

As I said this is not a fast fix, and the security implications are terrible, but if its only for a demo.
You could set up a proxy and route everything from your computer through the proxy at your business location that would solve the IP problem.
Of course you will need to set up VPN with a proxy in mind, and the security implications of installing a new proxy front end without checking all of the bases in proxy security, are just bleak.
But it might do the job you require

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thank you!!

by snowfreak1 In reply to Its a heavy streak,... bu ...

Well I guess that about wraps that up. I'm pretty certain our IT department isn't going to jump at the idea to open up a new proxy server for us...

I'll attempt to use terminal services to solve our problem for now. Thank you very much for the information.

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