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need raid that can be easily expanded

I have a Dell 1950 server that has a 300gb photo database in it. I like the server because of its redundant powersupplies. I want to add a 1000 hard drive box to it which feeds off the perc 6e controller. It can do raid 1,5,6,10,50, 60

It can hold 15 HDs but was going to start off with 4 2TB SATA drives in raid 10. Then add drives as needed. That was until I read that I can easily expand a raid 10 pool.

Then I read up on raid 6 and did not care for the 24 hour rebuild times.

Now I am thinking of going ZFS raid Z. As at least they can expand a pool without having to delete the entire array and start over.

What ever I choose the box must have two power supplies. I don't want down time.

Dell PowerVault MD1000 can hold 15 drives and has redundant power and is not that expensive. I just don't care for the Perc 6 raid 10 non ability to expand easily. I think 4 TB raid 10 is fine for now but if I need to add 2 more TB in a year I want to be able to just put in two extra drives and not have to fiddle around with deleting the array.

I like ez, so maybe a ZFS raid Z would be better. but dont see many affordable boxes that have 2 PS and can hold 8 hard drives.

This drive is just a backup drive, it will just be holding macrium reflect images. It just needs the ability to grow in size. Just looking for the best raid option. I don't want to hear raid is not a backup. This is a backup that will be using raid.

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