need realgta3 mod

By wolfie152 ·
can someone please send me the realgta3 mod in a zip file to my gmail account i cant get it cause of my laptops security please send asap

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RE: need realgta3 mod

by PoppaTab In reply to need realgta3 mod

I cannot believe you came to TR asking for a game modification! You are asking IT pros to get a game modification and then send it to you. Now I've seen it all; since you are a department head/director, have one of your employees get it for you.

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by seanferd In reply to need realgta3 mod

You should be able to download it just fine, as long as you are the owner/administrator of the system. Simply allow the download in whatever security software you have.

You are seriously in the wrong place to ask people to go find a GTA mod for you, then mail it to you. (Regardless how fun the mod might be.)

It is rather likely no one wants to give you their email addresses, either. And neither should you. So, I suggest you remove your email address from the post, unless you happen to like spam. Bots crawl the web looking for these.

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security on my laptop

by wolfie152 In reply to Security?

the security doesnt let me acess certain sites on mhy laptop it blocks almost every site i go on so the link from this site or any other site wont let me

.. the security is inbuilt to the laptop and cant be diabled so i cant even get it at home

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No, you just need to learn how to configure this "security"

by seanferd In reply to security on my laptop

It is a program or other configuration which does this. Which one? Whatever does the blocking notifies you. Go to that program or OS setting and change it.

No one can sell you a retail laptop and decide which sites you visit for you.

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not retail laptop

by wolfie152 In reply to No, you just need to lear ...

its not a retail laptop
everyone in my company and mosr of the companies in nsw get them as well as all the school students in australia

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I thought that they were for

by Jacky Howe In reply to not retail laptop

years 9-12 and Teaching Staff. If they are setup anything like ED QLD you won't be able to bypass the protection that has been initiated.

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by .Martin. In reply to I thought that they were ...

if his career is education related, they may have given them out to his company

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by wolfie152 In reply to depends

i bypassed the security with a proxy thanks for help

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Yep! his career is education related

by Jacky Howe In reply to depends

and still in school by the looks of it.

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